ZODIAC TALKS! What Kind Of Lover Are You, According to your Zodiac Sign?

Zodiacs are a part of who we are and our bits of personality. While the notion of starts dictating our personalities is farfetched, it is surprising about how accurate they can be sometimes! When falling in love, everyone has their own unique way of showing their affection to each other, of experiencing their love and of treating their lovers. Even though you may have never noticed it, your personality says a lot about how you are in a relationship, and the same can be said for everyone you’ve ever dated. Get to know the kind of lover you are according to your Zodiac and see if you can identify with it!

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You have an adventurous spirit and it shows in the way you express love! You like to be spontaneous and explore new thing. There is never a dull moment with you and your partner reaps the full benefits of this situation. Doing the normal things in a relationship isn’t your norm. You chase the thrill, the excitement and think about new possibilities to make your relationship more interesting!

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You are patient and take the traditional route in love. You are the slow seductress! While you like to take things slow and steady that doesn’t mean that you lack passion. You love the traditional approach of relationship, with classic dates, gestures and enjoying the moment as it comes! You prefer an honest relationship than a drama and lies.

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Pieces are one of the most romantic lovers. You have a good imagination and are not afraid to try new things! You are passionate and love deeply, thus they prefer a long relationship with substance to any short-term flings. You are soft and considerate towards your partners but that does not take away from your passion for them! You like the traditional way of relationship but with a touch of your imagination!

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You can be very sensitive when it comes to love. You definitely prefer long-term relationships over any fling or one night stands! You require the body and mind to be involved in the relationship or you won’t feel fulfilled. Even though you are highly emotional and soft-hearted, you don’t shy away from showing your affection to your partner. You are loyal and expect the same from your lover. Simple and small romantic gestures, a little bit of pampering and a lot of love, always makes you happy!

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Aside from being dominant in your relationship as the natural born leader you, you are extremely generous to your lover. You are bold and vocal about your thoughts and aren’t afraid to try new thing. Passion and aggregation are your second nature both, in and out of bed! You crave the drama and excitement in your relationship and enjoy being the centre of attention. While you crave attention, you also give it tenfold to your partner.

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You like to be cautious and think things through before jumping into any relationship. Once you are in a relationship, you’d go any length to make it work. Though you are extremely devoted and loyal, you are also very cautious and keep an eye on the situation. You are sensitive, sweet and like to be in your comfort zone even while pursuing a relationship. You have a strong feeling of self-love for your self and that lead to you being negligent to your partner at times.

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You maintain the balance even in your relationship! You aren’t too wild and not too dull, just the perfect combination of both.  You are an old school romantic and want the romance that you share with your partner to be old school, with simple dates and sometimes cheesy gestures. While everyone is in a rush, you like to take things slow and traditionally. You are devoted and don’t take love for granted.

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While seduction and passion is your middle name, you are really intense once you get into a relationship. Scorpios are famous for their passion and how they go all out to chase a thing they want. Similarly, when you are in a relationship, you tend to kick the notch up in the dependence and showing your affection. This can often come across as clingy and overbearing! But if you aren’t going all out and letting your emotions control you then are you really a Scorpio?

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You are a kindred free spirit! You can’t be chained by rules and regulations and don’t welcome the traditional approach to relationships. You crave for change and seek thrill in every relationship. While you like to experiment, you tend to run away when things start getting serious.  You’d prefer to just chill and keep it casual than try to put a tag on it and make it serious. You love your freedom to be restricted by any relationship!

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You are a grounded lover; you seek genuine and true love. Though you aren’t fond of overly cheesy gestures, you think that a little bit of it means no harm. You are highly intellectual and want someone who can keep up with your wit and isn’t shy to take part in a friendly banter! While you are extremely devoted to your partner, you also tend to have high expectations of them and when they don’t meet your expectation, you are easily disappointed. You have a habit of hoping the best and assuming the worst in everyone, especially your partner!

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You are creative and like to bring something different to an ordinary relationship. You love having meaningful and deep conversations and learn more about the other person. You dream big and encourage your partner to do the same! You don’t want an ordinary romance, you want something unique. So, if anyone is looking to impress an Aquarius, ditch the traditional boy meets girl episode and think of something out of the box! You need intellectual stimulation to keep you involved and impressed because boredom is your worst enemy!


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