How to Have Safer Sex During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Everyone is trying to find ways to safely navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, which can make the single life very tricky. Meeting new people while maintaining appropriate social distance can be a real hassle. Although many people meet online these days, eventually a face to face meeting is bound to happen.

For those already in a relationship, figuring out how to safely engage in sexual activity can be frustrating. If you live in the same home and have been quarantining together the risks are relatively low. However, for those that aren’t cohabitating, having safe sex during the pandemic goes beyond wearing a condom.

There is always abstinence or self-satisfaction with the help of a toy from PinkCherry, but for those that want to enjoy a more up close and personal experience, there are a few ways to have safer sex during the pandemic.

No Kissing

It is generally accepted that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted via the exchange of bodily fluids including saliva and breath exaltation molecules. This fact can make kissing seem less attractive during the pandemic. The easiest solution to this intimacy is to refrain from kissing or to wear a mask during sex. For some, sex with a mask may be a bit off-putting, so keeping the kissing to a minimum might be your best answer. 

Get Virtual

Many lovers from around the world have been left without a way to even be in the same room as their beloved during the pandemic. Thanks to the technology of video chatting, sex is still possible in a virtual realm. Getting together with your partner for some exciting sex talk and play over the internet can be a good way to increase your intimacy and get the release that you are looking for. Be careful to set your privacy setting appropriately to avoid any embarrassing interruptions to your love session.

Do It Yourself

We are all feeling the stress during the pandemic, and experiencing a sexual release can go a long way to release tension and elevate your mood. If you are stuck in quarantine, there’s no better time than to have some sexy time with yourself. Even if you are in lockdown with your partner, a session of self-satisfaction together may be more advisable than face to face sex.

Get Outdoors

Although it’s not recommended that you start getting busy in public to satisfy your desires, it’s not a bad idea to limit your sex time to well-ventilated areas. Maybe you have a secluded balcony or patio or can find a private spot in the woods to have some fun. Either way, choosing a more open space to conduct your sexy play is a good way to reduce your risk of COVID infection.

Keep It Simple

The less time that you are in close quarters with your partner, the lower your risk of infection. This means that keeping your sex time simple and quick can help keep you safer. There’s no need to rush, but getting creative and trying positions that are not face-to-face can help reduce your risk.

We all need a bit of comfort during these hard times, and the thought of giving up or abstaining from sex may seem unthinkable. Keep these tips in mind to help your conduct safer sexual practices during the pandemic. 

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