Why You Should Choose Ethnic Indian Decor

Want  to  give  your  interiors  a  makeover  and  have  been  mulling  over  which  new  look  to  choose.  Look   no further because Indian  decor  is  the  best  choice.  As  western  influences  overshadow  our  personalities  be  it  i…


Colour scheme for your home-choose carefully

When it comes to home decoration, one thing that is of prime importance is, no doubt, the home colour scheme including the interior colour scheme and exterior paint scheme. You might have the best of home furnishings.If they are not in prop…


The Ergonomics of Office Furniture

Comfort come ups first for all. We are never able to harvest the benefits of a work done in uncomfortable. Inflection and tiredness at workplace are indispensable. However, they can be trimmed down by using the proper furniture that is made…


Beauty of texture-feel and experience it

Texturing a wall is another decorating option that a lot of people forget to consider. Texturing can make a bold dramatic statement, turning a plain wall into a striking part of the overall design. Every time when we want to give a new look…


Revamp Your Home for the Festive Season

With the onset of festive season, there is a lot of excitement among people since this brings prosperity and of course a reason to revamp their home. Some choose to change the entire look of the house by buying new furniture and home décor …


Customised Interiors for Richie Rich Middle Class

Rahul Bajaj once famously said, “The size of the drawing room of a Delhi Businessman is usually bigger than his industry.” Your home is a reflection of who you are. It creates a first impression for both personal and business connections th…


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