Rashmika Mandanna Comes Up With Customised Meal By Her Name At McD- Checkout!

On coming 19th November, Rashmika Mandanna’s fans are in for a special treat at McDonald’s India (South and West). The sensational actress has made a special meal – ‘The Rashmika Meal’, in a collaboration with the restaurant. Rashmika’s meal includes all of her favorites from McD – McSpicy Chicken Burger, McSpicy Fried Chicken, Nimbu Fizz, Piri Piri Fries, and McFlurry in an exclusive packaging.

Just like everyone, the superstar also has her own unique way of enjoying her McDonald’s meal, and now with the new ‘The Rashmika Meal’ her well-wishers can too eat it in her way. The actress first likes to put her hands on McSpicy Fried Chicken. Then she opens her McSpicy Chicken Burger and places Piri Piri fries inside it. She then closes it and makes it sort of spicy to finally eat it. Next, Rashmika takes a long sip of the refreshing Nimbu fizz. Ending on a sweet note Rashmika dives into the delicious creamy McFlurry. McDonald’s India has also released a TVC that shows Rashmika enjoying her meal in her unique way.

While speaking on the launch of The Rashmika Meal, Arvind RP, Director – Marketing and Communications, McDonald’s India (West and South) said, “Everyone, including the most famous celebrities, have their go-to order at McDonald’s. We are really excited to collaborate with Rashmika and bring ‘The Rashmika Meal’ to her millions of fans, and can’t wait to see them enjoy it just the way she does.”

When asked about this different association Rashmika Mandanna told, “McDonald’s has been my comfort food for as long as I can remember. I have grown up with the brand. I have always loved to indulge in the McSpicy Chicken Burger with Piri Piri fries placed inside it. McFlurry has been another go-to to celebrate all the big and small wins of life. I am so excited to share my McDonald’s favorites with everyone.”

The Famous Orders platform has received a positive reaction from their association with stars globally also. Not a long time ago, the Mariah Carey Meal was launched in the US and the BTS Meal was launched in over 50 markets worldwide. The Famous Orders meal is now making its way to India where McDonald’s India is launching the Rashmika Meal in the southern markets of India.

The actress’ meal will be available across all McDonald’s restaurants in South India. Customers can order the meal through contactless delivery, contactless takeout, on the go, or dine-in at McDonald’s. ‘The Rashmika Meal’ will be available only for a limited time.

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