South Actress Pranitha Subhash Trolled For Worshipping Husband, Replies Savagely!

Southern actress Pranitha Subhash is known for her beauty and amazing acting skills. Pranita is currently enjoying married and motherhood life with her husband and daughter. Now the actress has taken the class of the people for the bad reaction to her photos.

Actually, Pranita took the time to share photos while worshiping her husband Bhiman on Instagram. The actress sits on the floor while her husband has his feet on the plate and sits on a chair. After publishing this photo, people began to laugh at the actress. So far Pranita has given the answer to this question and has given the answer to the troll.

Pranitha Subhash said this thing

Pranita Subhash replied to the troll by talking to Media: “There are two sides to life, but in this case, 90% of people say good things. The rest doesn’t bother me.” She continues: “I am an artist and my field is glamorous. So it doesn’t mean that I don’t follow my rituals. Pranita I do this rituals every year.

Sanatan Dharma very beautiful

The actress said , “she likes being part of a family because she originally came from an ordinary family and was always with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. She said that Sanatana Dharma is a very beautiful concept that brings everyone together, and I really believe in her. Pranita says that progressive or modern thinking does not mean that we should forget our roots.

At last She said, “When it comes to longevity posts, I have nothing to say. We all pray for each other’s health and well-being.”


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