Boost Your Health; Disease Reversal & Good Health Seasonal Foods- Checkout

By: Karan Kakkad

One of the best parts of eating real foods is the seasonal benefits that come along with it. The reason I use the word ‘’real’’ with food is that in the last 25-30 years we have seen a sharp rise in the intake of artificial or processed foods that are definitely not real. And one of the main reasons why we have an epidemic of lifestyle diseases is our wrong diet. So, the first step to becoming healthy or reversing disease is to stop eating artificial or processed foods and start consuming more real or natural foods. 

Different seasonal foods have different health benefits and with winters round the corner, these six seasonal foods we should all be consuming this winter. 

Radish – Excellent for fatty liver and kidney disease, Radish is an excellent source of antioxidants and compounds to protect your cells from damage. As an excellent diuretic, the radish helps in treating several kidney disorders, by washing away toxins gathered in kidneys and blood. Regularly eating radish can help improve the quality of your skin too.

Purple Cabbage – Purple cabbage is a nutrient-rich vegetable linked to a variety of health benefits. These include reduced inflammation, a healthier heart, stronger bones, improved gut function, and perhaps even a lower risk of certain cancers. It is also extremely effective for reversing diabetes and kidney issues. Purple cabbage helps Beta cells in our pancreas make more Insulin naturally and thereby you do not have to depend more on Insulin injections. 

Turnip – Turnips are loaded with fiber and vitamins K, A, C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6, B2, and folate (one of the B vitamins), as well as minerals like manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, and copper. Turnips have glucosinolates, plant-based chemicals that may help prevent all kinds of cancer, from breast to prostate. Turnips are also rich in the antioxidant lutein which keeps your eyes healthy and wards off problems like macular degeneration and cataracts.

Broccoli – Broccoli is very high in fiber, which aids in digestion, prevents constipation, maintains low blood sugar, and weight loss. It also helps in improving the gut bacteria and thereby boosts immunity. Apart from being very effective in reversing diabetes, Broccoli is also helpful in reversing kidney issues, fatty liver, high cholesterol, and many cancers. Broccoli is also a source of two crucial nutrients that help improve brain function. Vitamin K helps to strengthen cognitive abilities while Choline has been found to improve memory – people who eat plenty of broccolis perform better on memory tests.

Green Peas – This vegetable is loaded with A, B1, B6, C, and a supersized serving of osteoporosis-fighting K. One cup of boiled green peas has 46% of your RDA of vitamin K1. Peas are high in fiber and low in fat and contain no cholesterol. Apart from being very high in plant protein, Peas also have insoluble fiber that can act as a bulking agent in the body to move food along, so it is digested easier. 

Spring Onion – Spring onions are an excellent food for reversing cholesterol and can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. It also has many anti-cancer compounds. Spring Onions are very effective in lowering blood sugar levels by promoting the release of insulin from the body. It prevents diarrhea, improves appetite, and promotes regular stomach clearance. 

Winters are an opportunity to eat a variety of superfoods that have enormous health benefits and at the same time many disease reversing compounds. All we need to develop is a habit of consuming these foods on a regular basis. After all it is habits that will reverse disease and not diets. 

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