Good News! Rohit Dhawan Welcomes A Baby Boy At House; David Dhawan Becomes A Grandfather

It’s very happy news for Varun Dhawan and their family. Varun Dhawan has turned into an uncle once more. In such a circumstance, complimenting them is important. Movie director Rohit Dhawan and his wife Jhanvi Dhawan have become guardians for the second time. Varun Dhawan’s Bhabhi has brought a baby boy into the world. This data has emerged from a viral Instagram video.

Varun Dhawan turned uncle

Rohit Dhawan is the first child of director David Dhawan and the sibling of Varun Dhawan. Recently a video was posted on Instagram. Rohit is seen leaving the medical clinic in a blue shirt. Rohit was not alone in the clinic, but rather a father David Dhawan was additionally with him. On seeing Rohit, the paparazzi also congratulated him for having a child.

Nonetheless, Rohit didn’t remain there for a long time and left in the car with his father. Presently Rohit and Jhanvi have become guardians once more. What could be more cheerful than this? In March, Varun Dhawan’s better half and Jhanvi’s brother by marriage Natasha Dalal additionally had a child shower for her sister-in-law. Arjun Kapoor’s sister Anshula Kapoor likewise went to this party.

Dated for quite a long time

Rohit Dhawan and Jhanvi got married in February 2012 in the wake of dating each other for quite a long time. Ranbir Kapoor, Ameesha Patel, Rishi Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Govinda, and numerous other celebs went to the wedding of both. In 2018, Jhanvi-Rohit had their first kid(girl) and in quite a while are prepared to assume the liability of the second child. Once again congrats to the couple on becoming guardians.

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