Gauri Wanted To Divorce Shahrukh Khan On This One Thing; Learn How He Handled His Relationship

The bonding of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan is not hidden from anyone, but do you know that there was a time in the relationship between both of them when Gauri-Shahrukh had gone divorced, know here…

Shahrukh Khan, one of Bollywood’s power couples and his wife Gauri Khan’s love is not hidden from anyone. Gauri is seen playing well in her husband’s work. Not only this, but both of these amazing bands have also failed good couples in B-town. But do you know that there was a time in the relationship between these two when Gauri left the world and started to divorce Shahrukh?

Yes, Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan’s beautiful relationship was noticed when the news of SRK and Priyanka Chopra’s affair in the media caught fire. Due to which Shah Rukh and Gauri’s relationship reached an ugly state, which was impossible to reconnect.

After listening to the news of both the officers, Gauri became so upset that she even made up her mind to divorce King Khan. Though Gauri once agreed after Shahrukh’s persuasion, a lesson can be learned from the way she handled her relationship. Anil Kapoor’s comment on Arjun-Malaika’s relationship is necessary for the happiness of every family.

We all know that the foundation of any relationship rests on love and trust only when one partner breaks the trust of the other partner, then a relationship is bound to break. Those who have experienced this will surely know how difficult it becomes to remain in that relationship after such a situation. But sometimes in life, such bitter experiences teach us a lot.



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The same happened with Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan when Gauri took a promise of neither film nor any friendship with Priyanka to save her broken marriage. We believe that it is usually very difficult to handle any broken relationship. But if tried, it is not so difficult. If you also want to handle your scattered relationship again, maybe these things can help you a bit.

We know that this will be the most difficult thing for you, but first of all, forgive your partner. Yes, till you do not forgive your partner, till now you will be buried under the burden of this relationship. Facing reality and moving forward in any relationship is the first beginning of that relationship.

Before starting your happy relationship again, you should tell your partner how your trust is broken and what is needed to make the relationship the first one again. In such a situation, when you tell them about your expectations, remember that you do not let this matter dominate you. For example, if both of you have lost trust due to infidelity, then you should not set any rules to run the life of the partner. Like if you don’t talk to or meet his type.

Sometimes we need to talk to a third person to get the broken relationship back on track. But make sure that person is not partial to you or your partner, otherwise, he will not be able to give a fair view. It is best that you talk to a professional counselor because when we talk we slowly remove the weight of betrayal from our heart.

Time heals every wound. Anything is possible provided it is given the right time. For example, if you are still engaged in uprooting the past issues, then rarely can your relationship be the same. In such a situation, give your partner some time so that he can prepare himself to do things again as before.


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