Things you should know about Cervical Cancer

Not all incidents make news – some do. When Jade Goody, the international reality television star, died of cervical cancer a few years back, it made quite a news. Not because she had shot to fame for all the wrong reasons, or not because sh…


5 Benefits of black tea for hair and skin

You must have heard that black tea is good for health. But do you know that applying a black tea on your hair and skin is more beneficial than having it? Yes, black tea has a miraculous effect on our hair and skin because of its antioxidant…


5 Secret Beaches in Goa You Never Heard About!

It’s that time of year when people start booking their tickets to Goa. Vagator, Baga, and Anjuna are some major names that come to mind when it comes to Goa beaches and while these are all known for their chill ambience and party feels, we …


7 things that happen if you eat ginger daily!

Apart from adding a dash of strong flavor to your food, ginger also does wonders to your body. One of the most ancient spices worldwide, ginger is loaded with health benefits. Gingerol, the key bioactive compound present in ginger is respon…


6 reasons to stay healthy for your partner

No one wants their partners to be emotionally and physically exhausted, irritable, withdrawn from social life and enjoyment, have a loss of appetite, feel insomnia and be almost sick. But indirectly throughout the year you may contribute to…


7 Health Benefits of Beer

You must have heard that beer isn’t good for health. You shouldn’t be consuming it. But do know that beer has some health benefits which can help you have a sip of it without being guilty? If taken in moderation, you can enjoy all the healt…


Does Video-game Addiction Affect Your Mental-health? Find Out!

Who doesn’t love video games? Do you ever find yourself spending hours playing on your computer instead of giving time to your friends and family? World Health Organization says that video-game addition can be disastrous for your brain. …


5 easy ways to get rid of blackheads

With the alarming status of ever-increasing air pollution, blackheads problem is ought to keep us busy for the next few decades. Blackheads are small black bumps that appear on your skin when a clog develops in the opening of hair follicles…


Boost your health by Adopting these resolutions

It is time to start a new and transform your lifestyle into better. With 2018, comes new hopes and new missions. Are you thinking about having a better health and attaining your health goals? Here is a list of remarkable habits that helps y…


6 genius ways for girls who want killer ABS

Great abs are not just for men but women are also hitting the gym to get amazing abs! The only problem is the source that will help women to get fab abs and we, girls often fail to find it out. Stop dreaming and start working! All you need …


Home remedies to lift your sagging cheeks

With age, every woman faces some facial issues or the other. One of the most common being loss of suppleness from the cheeks. As a woman ages, their cheeks don’t look the way they used to be. If you are thinking undergoing knife is the only…


9 Things you should stop sharing with anyone RIGHT NOW!

  Through the years, we all have been taught to share our things with others. Remember the time when our moms used to tell us to share our lunch boxes with our school mates? Well, most of us follow that one principle today. However, wh…


5 major reasons for delayed periods

Delayed or skipped periods can dread the hell out of a woman. She can only feel carefree about her irregular periods when it first begins and when the menopause starts.  Though Pregnancy is one of the most common reasons for missing your pe…


Is it possible to lose weight by eating junk food? Find out!

Losing weight can seem intimidating. What if junk food could be your savior and help you get to your desirable weight? Junk food are usually said to be weight gainers but is it true now-a-days? It sounds like a scam but over the years, junk…


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