9 Bad Habits That You Must Break During Periods

Those 4-6 days in the month are the most painful for women yet depressing too. Though many things can help us in getting rid of menstrual pain, still it’s important that we women take proper care of our health during periods. Besides …


Here’s why being single is Awesome!

Many of us are planning to spend the Valentine’s Day with their partners. There are lots of do’s and don’ts in their planning and some are of course racking their brains to give surprises to their partners by giving expensive gifts or a can…


Is it Good to Propose During Valentine’s Day?

Before writing this article, I took out the astrology chart for Valentine’s day, because I wanted to know what does the universe indicates regarding romantic relationships. Many of you are eagerly waiting for this opportunity to propose and…


Here’s What The Size Of Your Pinky Finger Says About You!

Just like your eyes can speak a thousand words, your fingers too can say a lot about your personality. Especially your pinky finger! No, we are not making any pinky promises today. But we are definitely going to tell what the size of your P…


These 10 things You Should Do With Your BFFs!

Our closest companions hold an uncommon place in our souls and no measure of separation can ever change that! In any case, with time and adulting, now and again life acts as a burden. By and by, that shouldn’t be a reason for you to n…


10 Things You Need to do before you meet prince charming

So, at last, you met with your prince charming and you are excited about your first date. You don’t want that anything goes wrong and looking forward for a perfect date. You want to impress him with your charm, with your personality, and wi…


What??? This Reel Life Couple of Ishqbaaz Are Real Life Couple

Rumours are there that this reel life couple are dating in reality and they are none other than the cute couple of popular tv show “ Ishqbaaz”. We are talking about the super cute actress Nehalaxmi Iyer ‘playing the role of Soumya in the sh…


Jealousy in the relationship-keep all doors open

In a good marriage, does a husband or a wife ever get jealous? Of course, even in the best of marriages, mild, temporary jealousy is bond to arise. A marriage unites two people who were subjected to the inevitable frustrations and conflicts…


6 Bollywood Jodis with a shocking age gap

Bollywood emerges as an immaculate case of everything progressive and unordinary. Love knows no limits and these cheerfully wedded couples will make you have confidence in it all the more. Here is a rundown of Bollywood couples who are hitc…


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