6 Simple Ways to Comfort Your Best Friend Post a Breakup

Breakups are the worst whether it’s you who is going through it or your bestie. Getting up the following morning and carrying on with the day seems like an impossible task which somehow needs to be done. Your best friend has been with you t…


Which Zodiac Sign Represents Your Spouse in Astrology

Everyone will have a desire to know about their spouse and those who are already in a relationship will definitely try to improve their relationship. Astrology gives a lot of genuine information regarding the nature of your spouse. This str…


6 Signs that a shy guy likes you

Guys are as much confusing as girls when it comes to emotions. And when it’s a shy guy, it’s impossible to decipher them. The shy guy in today’s time is difficult to find and precious to keep. Expressing their feelings and emotions towards …


7 ways to know if he will harass you after break up

‘I do not wish to continue this relationship. In last 10 months I felt we are not compatible to each other as I am an independent girl and you are dominating and over protective that discomforts me. I do not see any future of this relations…


Top 5 Tips on How To Make Your Guy Yours Forever

Men don’t say it often but they too like being appreciated. They might seem like the toughest breed on the planet but they too have feelings. They too like being loved and get taken care of. They might deny it on your face but deep inside t…


What your lips tell about your personality?

Your lip prints are more useful than imprinting them on your cute little nephew’s cheeks or on a coffee cup. Apart from being one of the sexiest feature of a girl, lips also convey a lot about your personality. So go and put on your favouri…


There Are Seven Types of Boobs In The World?

There Are Seven Types of Boobs In The World? Have you ever heard about the types of Boobs? Boys, take it as fantasy… After a long time, the research has revealed about the types of boobs in the world. Yes, you are hearing correct but …


6 TV actors who earn more than Bollywood actors

TV is no longer called the small screen as it is giving strong completion to Bollywood’s silver screen. Television has become such a great medium that even Bollywood stars come up with their shows here. The number of shows on Indian televis…


Learn From Twitter How to Ask a Woman for a Date

Asking someone for a date is not that difficult- all you need to do is ask the person you’re interested in and wait for their response. From sending “You look Hawwt” text to ‘Send bobs and vagene’ practice, it looks like today’s men c…


5 things everyone in their 20s should know

Are you in your 20s or someone you know is? 20s is a crucial stage which is a connection between your childhood and your adult life. This is the time when you experience college life and you are looking forward to a great career and a famil…


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