Is Protein The Only Nutrient Essential For Muscle Building? Read To Know More

We all know that Protein is essential for muscle, hair, skin, and nails. It is crucial for the formation of antibodies, hormones, and cellular structures. It helps in keeping the brain, immune system, hair, and nails healthy and helps in maintaining the right levels of hormones. It helps in the healing and repairing process, along with the production of antibodies.

In our diets, Protein is a mega nutrient along with fats and carbohydrates. People around the world have this wrong perception that the main objective of protein is to increase the muscles of humans which is half true and half not. Protein does more than just building muscles. Protein is composed of amino acids, which come as “building blocks” cells. Building block cells need protein to expand and repair themselves. Thus, it becomes important to add protein, to our diet. One can add these through natural sources. There are many foods which contain a good amount of protein and some people don’t even have an idea about this. Food like fish, eggs, legumes and many other dairy products are some highlighted natural proteins that we can easily add to our diet.

What makes protein important for muscle building is the fact that amino acids (of which proteins are made, help in rebuilding and sustaining the muscular tissue of the human body.  People consume protein after a workout so as to heal the slight muscle tearing that occurs during exercise. Broadly speaking, proteins are the building blocks of muscular tissue in our body. They serve as the bricks for the building called muscle.

Protein is a great source of muscle gain and is an extremely important part of performing everyday physical tasks. There are many assumptions on how much protein a human body should consume in a day and it is tough to match protein level with the rest of our nutritional consumption. Many people use muscle mass to rightly balance their protein intake. Some of the amino acids can be synthesized in our bodies. But there is a section of amino acids, which body cannot synthesize on its own and thus, these need to be added through dietary consumption. This category of amino acids is known as essential amino acids and they are found in foods like soya, nuts, etc. A mixed diet of essential amino acids speeds up the process of muscle building.

Leucine is a very well-known amino acid. But do you know that it is responsible for many anabolic processes like muscle building? It follows ‘leucine trigger principle to synthesize muscle protein.

However, a shocking fact is that one cannot build muscle mass simply by eating proteins. The right balance in the diet, exercise, and weight training is a must to achieve that. And besides proteins, complex carbohydrates to sustain workouts, fats, calcium (controls muscle contractions), Vitamin D, Zinc, and Potassium are highly recommended for efficient muscle building.

Bodybuilders generally see a rival in carbohydrates. But little do they know that the right kind of carbs such as those found in whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables promote movement, including working muscles.

The same goes for fats. Small quantities of the right fats are absolutely essential as fatty acids of which fats are made up of are a vital structural part of every cell membrane, including muscle cells. They also help in stimulating the body for efficient workouts.

So, the bottom line is that it is completely a myth that it is only Protein in our diet that promotes muscle-building. There are other nutrients too which shouldn’t go out of focus.

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