Raju Srivastava’s Wife Was Incosolable During Funeral, This Was Her Last Moment With Husband!

Raju Srivastava merged into Panchtatva… the king of comedy that has made million peoples laugh and made everyone cry. Raju’s Nephew kushal said He got cardiac arrest for the second time. We were very sure till yesterday that everything will be fine but he left us.

Raju’s wife is deeply saddened by His death. she is already unwell. Mrs. Shikha has been steadfast ever since Raju was admitted to the hospital. she walked around the hospital every day, hoping that today Raju would come to his senses. But he couldn’t. Raju left her. We can’t feel the pain, but yes, we can remember Shikha’s time with Raju in the hospital. Read moments of shikha with Raju in 41 .

Ever since Raju suffered a heart attack, Shikha has been praying every day for her husband’s speedy recovery. she did not lose hope for the recovery of Raju and did not let go of his fans. Not only that, Shikha promised everyone that Raju would definitely return. “Raju’s condition is stable. The doctors are doing their best. Everyone is busy day and night for Raju to get well soon. We are sure that Raju will definitely come back because he is a fighter and will definitely win this fight.

In front of This courage of shikha even God gave up and Raju came to his senses once. Raju’s brother-in-law Ashish said, Raju opened his eyes when Shikha said to Raju, “How many days have you been in bed, now open your eyes and let’s go home.” He looked at his wife, touched her hand and comforted her that he would soon get better.  But this did not happen. Raju said goodbye to all of us on Wednesday.

Actor and comedian Shikha Srivastava’s wife devastated after Raju’s death. He said: “I am not able to say anything now. What can I say now? He fought a lot. I really hoped and pray. I hope that he will return after this war. But this did not happen. All I can say is that that He was a warrior. That’s true.”

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