Where’s My Order? The Ultimate Order Tracking Tool

Currently, there are over 2.4 billion online shoppers worldwide, representing 27% of the global population. With the increase in internet speed and continuous push for a more cashless society, industry experts predict that the percentage of digital shoppers is expected to double in the next decade. 

As the ecommerce industry continues to witness growth, order tracking needs to be prioritized. Every e-shopper wants to know the location of goods and their arrival date and time. According to a 2021 survey, 40% of all inquiries made by digital shoppers were about shipment tracking and goods location. For this reason, one of the most prominent players in the ecommerce sector, china post tracking has come up with an order tracking tool that allows online buyers to receive periodic updates on the situation of your package. To access this facility, all that is needed is your China Post parcel tracking number.

Why Is Order Tracking Important

The importance of package tracking can’t be overemphasized in the e-commerce sector. For the Industry to grow, digital buyers must be able to follow their parcel from the point/place of purchase to their doorsteps. Order tracking helps build buyers’ trust and better position the sector to replace the traditional means of commerce. With increasing trust in the sector, more people are keen to move their businesses online as new generation buyers will prefer e-market to physical markets.

In the area of mental health, order tracking helps keep the mind of digital buyers at peace. When e-shoppers are able to keep tabs on their goods, they tend to be less anxious and stressful for the safety of their goods. The ability to track packages also aids shoppers in planning before their arrival as they get to know the expected arrival dates and time.

How To Track Your Orders On China Post Tracking

China’s post-tracking system has the ability to track packages and offers real-time updates to buyers anywhere in the world. As a leader in the global shipping sector, the company ships goods to virtually every nation and region at a very affordable rate. 

A package tracker will be attached to the goods when you order through the China post. This parcel tracker, which will translate to a tracking number at your own end, will give e-shoppers the opportunity to keep tabs on your order on every milestone reached.

China post’s tracking number usually consists of 13 digits and alphabets. The tracking digits can also be used to classify packages based on their location, weight, and means of transport. To track your order, simply log into china post’s site and register your parcel tracking number. You can also track packages from other tracking platforms with your China post tracking number. Shoppers on popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon can also track their orders using China Post package tracker. 

What Is The Shipment Period?

The shipment date and time will vary depending on which country you’re buying your goods from. Besides location, the size and transport means of the goods also play a role in deciding the order’s delivery time. Here are some countries’ shipping time duration.

  • 10-30 days: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Israel, and Mexico
  • 35-45 days: Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, and other nations in the European Union
  • 25-50 days: India, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Pakistan

Bottom Line

When tracking your order, it is important to note that unforeseen circumstances like weather and accident can affect goods timing and tracking. Also, always ensure you order your goods from a trusted online store or site to avoid getting scammed by cyber criminals.

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