WHO: Covid Vaccine Less Effective In Delta Variant Found In India

The world was greatly relieved by the arrival of the vaccine, but now the WHO has said that the corona virus vaccine is being found less effective on the delta variant found in India. However, there is a relief that the vaccine reduces the risk of death and prevents serious disease.


The WHO said that the reason for this is believed to be changes in many mutations. This is the reason why the effect of the vaccine may be reduced. The Delta Plus variant is derived from a mutation in the Delta variant found in India. The dominant forms of the virus have a biological advantage, which is mutation, through which these forms spread very easily among people.


WHO has also expressed concern about this new form of virus. So far in 29 countries in the whole world, this changed form has started causing the most destruction. Senior ICMR scientist said that many institutes of the country are continuously researching day and night to decode the changing nature of corona and its genome, so far in India they have not found any case about this changed form of corona. There have also been many variants of the delta variant causing havoc in our country, but in South-America, more caution is needed about lambda, the replacement form of the virus.

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