When it comes to relationships, the easiest part is falling in love. You don’t have to try too hard when it comes to falling; you just do. Love can sometimes happen when you least expect it. Eventually, as you both fall in love, you decide to date and be officially in a relationship. It’s all fun and spark during the first few months until a year comes, and you may soon feel like you’re used to having that person around.  
This is the part where you’ll both be challenged. Most people call this the “staying in love” stage. As you spend more months or years with your partner, you know more about who they really are, both negative and positive. For some, the more they get to know their partner, the more they want to spend the rest of their lives with that person. Meanwhile, for others, they slowly lose interest, affection, and, eventually, feelings for the person, which can sometimes cause a relationship to fall apart.

 The truth is, choosing to commit to a relationship means you’re ready for the responsibilities and sacrifices that it may require. Relationships are about loving, caring, and showing appreciation to your partner without any conditions. Even if you’re both committed to other responsibilities, it’s essential that you still make time to show each other your love, effort, and time. For this reason, try to pull off some surprise romantic acts of love to your partner occasionally to keep the fire and the spark burning. 
Finally, if you’re ready to pull off a romantic proposal for your partner, here are five romantic ideas that you can do to sweep your partner off their feet and create a memory you’ll both never forget.  

  • Reminisce On Your First Moments

After everything you’ve been through, your partner may think that you’ve probably forgotten all the moments you’ve shared during your first months together. It can be your first date, your first kiss, or the place where you both first met. One way you can make a grand romantic gesture for your partner is by going back to those moments for a little nostalgia. 
You can take your other half to the place where you shared your first kiss or the restaurant where you had your first official date. Your partner will surely be swept off their feet on the thought that you still remember all the first moments you shared together despite it being years ago. To make it even more romantic, you can also gather all the pictures of those first moments you had and put them together in a box for you to open together. If you’re up for it, you can hide your engagement ring among the pictures and wait till they discover the ring by themselves.

  • Pop That One Question In A Romantic Place

Perhaps your partner had mentioned to you several times how much they wanted to visit a specific country or destination so bad yet never had the time for it. Why not use it for your surprise, romantic gesture? You can secretly plan a romantic getaway. Just make sure you have everything covered so that things will go along smoothly. Once you’ve surprised your partner as you arrive at that place, it’s time for you to wait for the perfect time to pop that one question. Another pro tip, you can do it with a sunset view as the orange sunset will surely set a romantic tone.

  • Take Your Partner To An Amusement Park

If you’re on a tight budget to pull off such luxurious romantic travel, you can still make your partner special by taking them to an amusement park. Before you opt for this one, make sure your partner is not afraid of heights. Otherwise, taking them to an amusement park will not be particularly amusing for them. 
If they’re into heights and rides, bring them to the Ferris wheel and patiently wait until your seat is stopped at the top of the cycle. While your partner is indulging the overlooking view, pull yourself together and take out that engagement ring for that life-changing question.

  • Make Use Of A Particular Event In Your Relationship

If you and your partner’s anniversary or birthday is coming up, you can use this time to pop that proposal question. This will also be a good excuse for you to make preparations so that you wouldn’t be too obvious while you’re busy with the surprises. For instance, if you and your partner planned on spending your anniversary at a fancy restaurant, this can be a perfect opportunity for you to collude with the restaurant’s musicians and waiters and have them involved in your surprise romantic proposal. 
You can ask the musicians to play a particular song that has sentimental value to your relationship, such as your theme song or the first song you danced to as a couple. Then the waiters can bring in a bottle of champagne or bouquets for you as part of the surprise. An additional tip, never hide the engagement ring in your dinner food. It’s one of the wedding proposal dos and don’ts list, and this one particularly belongs to the don’ts. Not only is this unsanitary, but this style has been used in millions of movies.

  • Propose Under The Christmas Tree

One of the best ways to surprise your partner with a romantic proposal is doing it when it’s least expected. For instance, the Christmas holidays are more about drinking and eating fancy food at home while exchanging gifts for each other. Sometimes, you’ll also celebrate it with your families. With all the festivities going on, a wedding proposal is the last thing they’ll ever have in mind. Why not sweep them off their feet and surprise them with something unexpected? You can wrap your engagement ring in a small box, and cover the small box in another set of boxes until you end up with one large box. They’ll have no idea that the large gift box contains something that’ll change your life and your relationship forever.

Show Off Your Love In Your Own Personal Way

Proposals are one of the most significant life events that couples will go through together as the two of you decide to make each other not just a part of life but the most significant part of each other’s lives. This is the day when you finally decide to seal your relationship with lifetime vows and commitments. These ideas are only suggestions to help you get started with your grand romantic gesture. If you have more romantic ideas that you can do, then don’t be afraid to give them a try.