Actor Adil Hussain Wants A North-East Girl To Play Mirabai Chanu If Ever Her Biopic Is Made

There’s no doubt that watching a biopic on the life of the Indian weightlifter, and now an Olympic silver medalist, Mirabai Chanu would be a treat to our eyes. She has made the whole country proud to another level, plus her journey would be something everyone would love to watch on a motivational level as well as on an entertainment level.

Versatile actor, Adil Hussain is already excited about the same. The reason behind his eagerness about the biopic is that, in the past, there was a biopic, Mary Kom made on the life of the Indian boxer from Manipur. Adil has made the statement that instead of casting a known face from Bollywood, an actress from the Northeast should be cast in the biopic of Chanu if it is made.    Adil Hussain

He said, “I’d have definitely preferred someone from Northeast. This isn’t at all a judgment on Priyanka, she’s a very accomplished artiste. First of all, Bollywood isn’t a family or mafia, it’s a stupid name actually given by some unimaginative people, it’s not original. I’m saying that the Hindi film industry lost an opportunity.”

The 57-year-old had said that it was a golden chance to introduce “amazing faces” and people from the Northeast. “If someone makes a movie on Mirabai Chanu, I’m sure they’d be more imaginative and cast someone from the Northeast,” he adds.  Adil Hussain

Hussain also added, “Northeast is always neglected by mainland India — politically and economically, we’re still to be assimilated and looked at as part of India by a lot of common people, who think that people especially from Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram are Chinese.”

Explaining his statement he said, “I heard in an interview of one of Chanu’s coaches. She had worked with him in America because she was injured. He described her as the most dedicated, hard-working person, who followed all instructions. That’s the quality of people in the Northeast, when they want to do something, they do it. I feel emotionally charged.”

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