An Effective Product Made In Korea

Botulinum therapy takes an important place in the practice of a cosmetologist. The substance botulinum toxin has been well studied and is used in aesthetic medicine mainly for the correction of skin imperfections, such as  mimic wrinkles and the treatment of hyperhidrosis. The efficacy of approved botulinum toxin-based products, according to clinical trials, is comparable. But the higher the degree of purification of the product, the lower the likelihood of addiction to the drug and the decrease in its effectiveness over time.

Natural product Nabota toxin produced by the leader of the South Korean market – the company Daewoong – does not contain impurities, and the purity of the drug is > 98%.

Nabota is Korea’s first FDA-approved botulinum toxin

The results of studies on the efficacy and stability of Nabota have shown that this product is recommended for use. Nabota, Daewoong’s natural prabotulinum toxin A, is the first FDA-approved botulinum toxin for cosmetic use.

Nabota botox is a product with proven efficacy, safety and high quality workmanship. Nabota is officially registered and approved in 16 countries and continues to be registered in more than 50 countries.

In addition, Nabota:

  • officially approved by Health Canada;
  • received official EMEA registration in the EU.

Nabota is currently being registered in a number of countries for sale.

It is worth noting that after entering the US market, more than 20,000 procedures were performed with Nabota botulinum toxin in 45 days. Such popularity of Nabota indicates that South Korean injectables are a new global trend in cosmetology, which is confidently conquering the market.

Aestheticians all over the world, who keep up with the times, have already appreciated the effectiveness, safety, and quick effect of Nabota.

The highest degree of purification and other advantages of Nabota

What do patients expect from the botulinum therapy procedure? Safety, fast, pronounced, and long-lasting effect.

Prabotulotoxin type A – Nabota is the best choice for a practicing cosmetologist because:

  • in terms of effectiveness and stability, the drug is not inferior to other officially registered drugs;
  • Nabota’s safety has been proven in large-scale global clinical trials;
  • the purity of the drug is more than 98%.

The efficacy and safety of Nabota have been confirmed in clinical trials involving more than 2,000 patients.

Thus, Nabota provides a fast and pronounced effect, has a high profile of stability and safety, and is not addictive.

Indications for the use of botulinum toxin Nabota

Nabota is a natural prabotulinum toxin type A, intended in injectable cosmetology for

  • correction of brow wrinkles (approved in South Korea, USA, and EU countries);
  • smoothing crow’s feet (approved in South Korea).

There is also a method that allows for lip augmentation through the combined use of botulinum toxin and lip filler, where the toxin actively relaxes the muscles that create the effect of “pursed” lips.

Nabota is also intended for:

  • therapy for post-stroke spasticity of the shoulder muscles (approved in South Korea);
  • treatment of blepharospasm (approved in South Korea);
  • injection into masticatory muscles (undergoing phase III clinical trials).

In the line of botulinum toxin type A preparations, Nabota occupies a leading position, as it has proven its effectiveness in practice.

The unique HI-PURETM purification technology, patented by the manufacturer in 2013, provides > 98% purity of the drug and the absence of impurities.

Results of Nabota Efficacy and Stability Studies

A study using a mouse model showed that the potency and quality of the Prabotulotoxin A (NABOTA) formulation were relatively well maintained at room temperature for up to 12 weeks. Same:

  • prabotulitoxin A retains the greatest stability of activity;
  • prabotulitoxin A has the smallest potency difference between the 3 batches;
  • prabotulitoxin A has the smallest change in activity when stored at room temperature for 12 weeks.

Studies have demonstrated that the clinical efficacy of forehead wrinkle treatment is not compromised by refrigeration of prabotulotoxin A (NABOTA) for 12 weeks after dilution.

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