Are You Having A Painful Period? 5 Foods To Avoid Eating During Your Menstruation To Reduce Pain, Check It Out!

If you feel extreme camps, fatigue, mood swings, and instability during your periods, then you’ll be surprised to know what you eat can greatly affect how you feel. It turns out that our diet during periods has a great deal to do with our menstrual cramps.

Getting the right kind of diet can help counter muscle pain, bloating, headache and indigestion. Even though you totally feel like being eating, you need to take the hard road to steer clear of menstrual cramps. Here’s is a list of 5 foods you should avoid during those 5 days of the month.

1. Alcohol 

Alcohol might definitely reduce your muscle cramps temporarily, but in the long run, it can be worsening your period cramps. It increases your oestrogen levels which further aggravates the menstrual pain.

2. High-fat foods 

Big hamburger with French fries

Fatty foods also have a direct impact on your menstrual cramps. It also aggravates skin problems, which are already at their peak during periods. Avoid fatty foods, burgers, and cream-based desserts during periods.

3. Coffee 

We all love our hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Some of us even can’t wake up without consuming a cup of coffee. But you should try and avoid this habit during your periods. It increases blood pressure leading to anxiety and tension. Refrain from that cup of caffeine and instead keep hydrating yourself to the max.

4. Red Meat 

Red meat is high on prostaglandins. During the time of your menstruation, your body produces prostaglandins that help your uterus to contract and hence resulting in menstrual flow. But high levels of prostaglandin result in cramps. Hence, it is advisable to avoid having red meat as they are high in prostaglandins.

5. Processed foods 

Fast foods, pickles, and canned products may seem very tempting while you are on your period but, they are not the best type of foods that you should be consuming during this time. These foods have unhealthy ingredients and preservatives that can interfere with hormones causing more discomfort to you.

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