BJP Repeats A Congress!

Edits | September, 2022

Why is there a compelling need for the BJP to tame so many states, union territories and governments in India? With a plethora of CBI, ED and IT raids all over the country over most of the opposition leaders, the Indian state of democracy has become close to anarchy. Even though everybody knows that all these raids may not lead to any conviction, since most financial transactions and dealings are very well covered with alibis and structured by financial gurus, it is seldom a loophole is left that is inexplicable. Another thing that comes to mind is if there is an internal unseen coup within the BJP, which is not letting it function ordinarily, like the present war-like fashion. The other could be that one of the stalwarts could be seriously ill and there is an agenda of 2024 to be attained very quickly, for the next general elections.

BJP has done well in terms of eliminating almost the entire Congress, the party is reduced to sitting on the streets, being dragged into police vehicles. Similar is the fate of Shiv Sena Thackeray where the founders of the party had to give away all theirs to BJP-bought and appointed leaders. One can only imagine the amount of money which may have been transacted to fructify this situation of political control in India by the BJP. It is quite obvious that when the elected MLAs are shifted to a resort there is horse trading meaning buying and selling at the right price of the MLA loyalties. Is this the same BJP which had come into power with the mandate of the people, now trying to buy leaders who have been elected for another party? The very way of the yesteryears’ Congress before the 2012 coup by Anna Hazare in Delhi.

Further, it irks the general voter that the Aam Aadmi party which had come with the promise of getting rid of corruption and the very ways of democracy, is now banking on liquor money, liquor revenue and liquor barons to fund the subsidies being provided by them in the state of Delhi. As BJP has derailed the Aam Aadmi Party’s strategy of raising money through liquor revenue, all hell has broken loose with BJP trying to put the top leaders of Aam Aadmi Party into jail, hence to manage another downfall of a state government- third or the fourth state in a row.

In various debates all over the country over television channels and the Internet, the rhetoric remains the same as to what BJP is doing, and where the deep MLA buying pockets come from. It needs to be mentioned that Mr Gautam Adani is now the third richest person on the planet, having a total debt equivalent to that of the Tatas and Reliance in a very short period of time. The less said the better, the BJP is not about the Garib Aadmi rhetoric that they had taken up in 2012 after the 2G scams of the Congress. Both the Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP who had come to power after that movement of a plethora of corruption of the Congress now stand at the same level as what the Congress did just 10 years back. And this is an amazing analysis since what it took Congress 50-60 years to do has been done by these two new parties in just one decade.

In the next months’ politics nation will see: is the decision on who will keep the label of Shiv Sena, whether Manish Sisodia will see the gates of the Tihar jail and whether there will be another downfall waiting in Bihar after the newly constituted non-BJP government, in the hands of the CBI, ED and the IT. In the latest the last standing television channel, NDTV has been taken over by the enterprise of Adani, perhaps only for the benefit of the rulers.

CA Divesh Nath
Woman’s Era
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