Celebrities Need To Be More Accountable. Else They Are Not.

Edits | May 7, 2021

Celebrities are a major part of any election campaigning. Most of the celebrities from Bollywood and the local film industry take part in election campaigning. Next come the faces from the OTT platforms. Though the well-known faces put up a lot of criticism and a lot of messages of people staying safe and indoors but themselves when they are faced with collecting money, will go to any extent, for supporting any leader. In the same league are businessmen who offer their helicopters and private jets for election campaigning to their political friends. In most of the elections helicopters are booked much in advance and are one of the most sought-after vehicles for a high octane election campaigning. It should be urged to all the celebrities, the pilots, the businessmen that they should restrain themselves in the light of the present pandemic to offer such services for either any price or for any political benefit. Some measures will have to be taken by the Indian public and the leaders of industry to stop the pandemic from taking lives.

CA Divesh Nath
Woman’s Era
LinkedIn: Divesh Nath

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