Judiciary Failed The Indian Public And Let The Bengal Catastrophe Happen

Edits | May 6, 2021

The Judiciary’s reaction in the present case of electioneering was super slow. This is not a criticism or in any way denigrating comment against the judiciary but the reality is that nobody was actually prepared for this kind of a viral spread. Hence, the judiciary needs to take a proactive step starting from now, in ensuring that the similar thing does not happen with the UP elections. As matters stand the home ministry definitely will not let the judiciary function in suo moto restricting the election campaigning. Already a list of Enron and the material for electioneering is being printed. Even if the judiciary was to act when the electioneering begins, to restrict, any order will fail since on the ground it will not be complied by any of the political parties. The force of BJP’s electioneering will lead the other parties to follow suit, which is very natural and now that they have an opportunity it could be that their political campaign may be larger than that of BJP. The only course which will save the North India’s population from the third wave in the early months of 2022 will be a complete restriction on electioneering and action by the EC to prepare narration of people into rallies.

CA Divesh Nath
Woman’s Era
LinkedIn: Divesh Nath

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