Check Out The Best Ways To Maintain Your Eyebrows!

Once your brows have been professionally maintained, you’ll notice that your smile has widened. You’ve gained a few inches in height. If one component of your appearance has the power to make or break your day, you’ll want to make sure it looks its best throughout waxing and threading sessions.

Check the best ways to maintain your eyebrows!

Make A Reservation For Your Appointments In Advance:

Your brow hair grows in a cycle, just like the rest of your body’s hair. Eyebrow Shaping should be done once every four to five weeks to ensure that all undesired hairs grow at the same time. You’ll be able to go longer between sessions if your follicles are on the same growth cycle.

Tweeze With Care:

It’s good to keep your brows in place without tweezing, but sometimes appearance doesn’t work on your schedule. If that’s the case, avoid bare brows at all costs. After that, fill in your brows as you normally would. Otherwise, you risk creating gaps and patches if you leave the hair that is 1/8″ away from your brow.

Keep Out Of The Scissors:

SPF is still a tried-and-true way to keep your brow region healthy and free of toxins from head to toe. The majority of your brow routine is similar to how you care for the hair on your head. It’s the same thing when your hairstylist tells you to rub your head in the shower to make your hair match your eyebrow patch. To relax the brow bone and keep it hydrated, gently tap an eye-specific cream over it.

Keep Your Hands Off The Scissors: 

Trimming may appear to be a better option than plucking, but it’s more difficult than you think to perform on your own. To execute it correctly, you’ll need a skilled eye. If you want to try out your brow scissors, start by applying a clear shaping gel to your hair and directing it in the direction you want it to grow. Allow the gel to dry and cut the hair by the hair, checking in the mirror after each snip to ensure you don’t clip too far away.

You can no longer flout the norms of beauty by just letting your brows rise now that the bushy, full-fledged brow is in style.

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