Festember’22 By NIT Trichy Is Rolling Out, Check It Out For More Details

At the depths of the ocean, rests a forgotten era. Oblivious to the world beyond, they live in Festember’s very own Sunken Paradise. Take a deep breath and plummet right in to revel in their undersea pleasures. Get a taste of an exhilarating concert at Fusion Nite. If dance is your thing, don’t miss out on the Solos, Duets and the Choreonite. If it is music that gets you going, find your rhythm among Solos, Duets, Gigahertz, Taringini, Acoustics, Upbeat and Shrutilaya.


High on energy? Put that adrenaline to use and smash those buttons in Valo, Rocket League, Tekken, FIFA and Gang Beasts. Riding on the same rhythm, get ready to hit the buzzer as various quizzes are lined up right up. End your day filled with stills on a high note with Party Nite as DJ Papa Balooshy and Mangas and the Mango men make the stage their own.

Festember still has more to offer after a long day, so sit back and listen to the tales behind the lives of eminent personalities such as Adah Sharma, Meena Kandasamy, Vishal Chandrashekhar, Dhruv Vikram and Ashwin Saravanan. After gaining those insights, follow the brush strokes in Chisel the Climax, Wall Painting, Tattoo Making, Paper Dressing, Face Painting and T-shirt Design. Or swerve right around the corner and witness the perfect snap in Live, Portrait and Perspective Photography. Finish off the day by getting back onto your feet with Jonita Gandhi on Pop Nite, before departing from depths of the ocean.

Check out the Festember Instagram page to unveil the real fun. Visit https://festember.com/22 for more details and updates.

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