Pooja Bedi Gets Compared To A WhatsApp Forward After She Calls India’s Vaccination Drive ‘Illogical’

The daughter of veteran actor Kabir Bedi, Pooja Bedi recently got under the radar of netizens for displaying anti-vaxxer behavior on her social media handle. Pooja called the mass-vaccination drive against Covid-19 in India ‘sinister’ and ‘illogical’.

The bold actress and mother of beautiful Alaya Furniturewala took to Twitter to express her views on the ongoing Vaccination Drive of India and what needs to change on that note. She tweeted, “If 99% survive Covid with or without the vaccine the govt needs to focus on isolating, vaccinating & masking THOSE who have COMBORBITIES & are in the risk bracket. NOT VACCINATE the whole world! & certainly not discriminate against unvaccinated! It’s illogical & Sinister! (sic).” 

While tagging the Prime Minister, the United Nations, and other civic bodies, Pooja Bedi added, “Is there a credible answer to this question? Why are 100% of the population being subjected to a vaccine when 99% survive Covid? Survival rate before the vaccine was 99% Survival rate post-vaccine is 99%.”

Some social media users found this opinion of Pooja as an anti-vaxxer. But Pooja didn’t take any bashing or trolling. She was quick to respond to them. Pooja handled the Twitter users who told her to keep her opinions to herself in a savage way. She also reacted to a user who compared her to a WhatsApp forward and asked her to ‘shut up’

One of the netizens shared a famous Bigg Boss-inspired meme featuring Pooja Mishra, and wrote, “Pooja, if we had to hear half-baked, half-assessed arguments against #CovidVaccine, we will log in to our Whatsapp groups. Do us a favor, please shut up @poojabeditweets.” Correcting the user, Bedi wrote back, “That’s the wrong Pooja.”

Another netizen wrote on Twitter, “Unvaccinated pose risk for everyone, you can’t expect to be rewarded for stupidity.” Pooja replied, “How? Vaccines are also spreading it!!! The only *danger* for vaccinated is the supposed threat to themselves for not taking it.”

Pooja went on to challenge a man who was a doctor. She wrote, “It’s bizarre that u have to wear a mask in your own car with your husband beside u (but can kiss him at home without one). Even more bizarre that u get out of the car & can sit at a restaurant (without a mask) with your friends & strangers. Useless protocols!” the doctor replied and wrote, “So u want the police to verify every time that all those sitting in any car belong to the same family and live in the same house! Brilliant!!” To this, Pooja replied, “If u can sit in a restaurant with strangers why not in a car?” The doctor replied, “Because a car is an enclosed space and because you can’t eat with your mask on!”


Pooja Bedi is now based in Goa with her fiancee Maneck Contractor. Earlier this year, she also protested against the authorities who didn’t allow her to roam mask-free in Goa.