Shruti Haasan Shares Childhood Picture, Says “The Child In Us Always Has More Wisdom” Take A Look!!!

Shruti Haasan is known for sharing intimate details of her daily life on social media. The actress shared a cute retro childhood snapshot to make our workweek better today, as she awoke with her childhood days on her thoughts. She also wrote a touching essay on her early roots and how they continue to define us today.

Shruti Haasan took to Instagram to share a beautiful childhood photo of herself in school uniform, which served as a fantastic wayback moment for us. Her white school uniform, ponytails, and beautiful hair clips on the head make her an incredible sweetie. Shruti’s blast from the past, as usual, was a huge success with her Instagram followers, who showered the photo with love.

Shruti wrote that one can never forget their childhood, and the past.  “How does one never forget the child and also leave the past behind ? Our most defining moments the ones that shape us forever happen in childhood and carry us through and sometimes those memories we can’t let go off ? They become the burned to carry .. that bully on the playground or were you the bully ? Do you remember the adult who wasn’t as nice or that one other kid who had the same unspoken truth as you ?”

She added, “Do you remember the friend you always wanted to sit next to and the teacher who taught you more than just the subject on paper ..The child in us always has more heart and wisdom than we pretend to have as grown ups. I’m going back to my roots to Thank the child inside of me and to set her free … she always knew best it seems.”

Meanwhile, Shruti Haasan will star alongside Prabhas in Prashanth Neel’s Salaar. She will also appear alongside Megastar Chiranjeevi in their upcoming film, Mega154.

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