Umar Riaz’s Fans Slam Rashami Desai For Sharing His Personal Life In Public

Umar Riaz’s fans feel worried with Rashami Desai for inferring that the model is in a relationship with someone differently.

Umar Riaz has been trending on Twitter after Rashami Desai spoke about his particular life during an interview. The actress, who participated a special connection with Umar inside the Bigg Boss 15 house, lately suggested in her interview that Umar might not be single which has irked his fans.

In an interview, when Rashami was asked about her bond with Umar, she said, “ Umar might be having someone in his life as he’s a veritably private person. We admire each other’s boundaries. I understand people love to see me with Umar, and I admire that. We’re just musketeers and the kind of bond we have, is where we keep fighting a lot and having dissensions, though we fight the fellowship is always the same.”


This statement hasn’t gone down well with Umar’s suckers and they’ve been slamming the actress for it. A stoner wrote, “ Who the hell is she to note on Umar’s particular life! When Umar himself said he’s single!” Another one tweeted, “I had said it from day 1-her entry was to mess with Umar’s game and help her bestie Teja win it. And now look, both are in the same show and she’s making music vids and chilling with people whom Umar made a bond with. She used him to revive her career.”

Rashami latterly reached out to Mumbai police on Twitter and prompted them to look into the matter as she contended Umar’s suckers were “draining”her by “ dragging”her family into it.

Later, Umar Riaz came in defence of her friend Rashami Desai for not dragging her name. He wrote on twitter:

On the work front, Rashami is presently seen on Naagin 6 and her performance has been extensively appreciated on social media.


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