BB16: Ankit Gupta Fans Lash Out At Gautam Vig After Latter Asks, ‘Who The F**k Is Ankit?’

Contestant Gautam Vig was the center of attention last night. Bigg Boss 16’s replacement host Karan Johar told him that the love story of Soundarya and Gautam became fake. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia told him that he was not giving her enough attention. She wanted some me-time with him.

But the worst was Karan Johar saying that pairs take the mic to the bathroom, which is a sign that their relationship is fake. She said that it is not fake. Gautam Vig is genuine about her. Earlier, the accused pair had a spat over what Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia had said. Contestant Gautam Vig told Soundarya Sharma that she should not compare him with Ankit Gupta. This has angered Ankit Gupta’s fans.

A fan commented, “Who the hell are you GautamVig we dont even know you before #BB16 what super hit show you did to compare your self with a Successful Actor #AnkitGupta who got 3.1 Trp for his show #udaariyaan You are a flop Actor Ankit is a Real you are nothing in front of Him #PriyAnkit.”

Another fan commented, “Bro one thing I want to say gautam so bad on face. He said “who the fuk is ankit” like seriously bro . Ok let me tell you he is loyal, calm and composed, doest fight unnecessary with someone you are in so called love, doesn’t question women, speaks truth doesn’t manipulate.”

#GautamVig : Who the fuck is #AnkitGupta ? Wo hai kya, uski koi comparison bhi hai mujhse.

Bro !! Who the fuck you are ? Your BB introduction was "Hrithik Roshan" ka duplicate/doppelgänger. Love angle 😶#BB16 #BiggBoss16

— VsAl (@Iam_vsAl) October 23, 2022

That fan continued, “he respects everyone, doesn’t fake…. and the biggest thing he knows how to handle relationships that why ankit and priyanka still love and adore each other… not like you got divorced.. #AnkitGupta #PriyankaChaharChoudhary #PriyAnkit #bb16 #bigboss16 #gautamvig.”

One more fan commented, “#GautamVig : Who the fuck is #AnkitGupta ? Wo hai kya, uski koi comparison bhi hai mujhse. Bro !! Who the fuck you are ? Your BB introduction was “Hrithik Roshan” ka duplicate/doppelgänger. Love angle #BB16 #BiggBoss16.”

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