Beat Stress, Win Sleep

By Ujjwali

Work, daily routine, emotions, and a healthy lifestyle make our life busy and going. However, maintaining a good lifestyle is not always easy as a healthy lifestyle requires many things including a healthy sleep too. 

There is a quote that says – A sound mind in a sound body is a short but full description of a happy state in this world.

To have a healthy body and a sound mind, you need to take the required amount of sleep and other activities along with a balanced diet. 

In today’s competitive and stressful world where work has become the priority and not the health, it is also important to lead a healthy lifestyle as one can achieve and win anything if he/she has good health.

What is Stress?

Stress is the natural reaction to our mental problems. Fighting within and dealing with external factors that are intolerable. It has become part of every individual that every other person is dealing with stress and causing themselves severe body changes and disorders that should not be ignored. At the workplace, household related work and many more are the reasons for having stress leading to many psychological tensions and affecting functioning of the brain and immune system.

Everybody is stressed

Physical and psychological stress is to some extent there in every one of us. Stress is not age, gender or race biased; it can happen to anyone even the kids also go through it and bear the consequences that stress provides. Although it varies from person to person that doesn’t mean the person is not stressed, indeed they are.

The link between stress and sleep

Sleep is the natural stress buster one can use to defeat it. If you are tired and exhausted, you cannot handle the stress that you would normally be able to if you are energized and feeling good. 

According to the research and health experts, it is clear that sleep can reduce the excess amount of stress from your mind and body and help you in healing. 

Even if you are not getting proper sleep, it is because of stress as it leads to sleep deprivation

Causes of Stress 

Due to emotional breakdown, financial insecurities and family related issues all these things cause stress which stops us from having a good sleep and automatically affecting our healthy lifestyle. A very common factor for this is that people are going through some changes in their life and worrying about something and also not ready to accept the current situation for instance the breakup. All these are enough to make someone stressful and have sleepless nights and welcoming hormonal changes in our body that are harmful both mentally and physically.

How to deal with Stress and win your sleep

If there is a problem, there is a solution too. Likewise, if there is less or severe stress affecting you then there are remedies to deal with and overcome this monster called “stress”.

The very first and important way to combat stress is to get a sound sleep and this can be done by maintaining a sleep routine and following the routine every day to avoid stress.  

Having a warm cup of milk can make you go sleepy easily and helps in reducing the stress in your body as it helps you to feel rejuvenated and alarmed rather than worrying about something and turning the whole night stressful. 

Think something creative and do it. If stress is letting you not have your sleep, use your moment as your stress buster, do cooking, painting, dancing, or anything creative that excites you at that moment and this will make you forget everything and automatically calm your mind leading you to sleep easily.

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