5 Warning Signs That Tells He Is Not Into You Anymore

By Ujjwali

Love is a very beautiful feeling especially when it is both-sided, appreciated, and committed. Women tend to get stuck in a connection with the men where it seems there is a relationship but maybe it is not at all. 

Guys love women, they like to be around them but when it comes to loving you or having a commitment, they prefer not to even get closer as men are phobic to a committed relationship. 

A successful and lifetime fruitful relationship requires love and commitment but only if the other person is also ready to share love and life with you.  Even if you are beautiful, classy, and smart, you will have to deal with this kind of man. 

You need to know when the spark is over and when you should leave with all respect and dignity rather than being disturbed emotionally and making efforts for the person who is not even interested. Below are some of the important signs to look for when he seems to get distant from you:

  • The on and off situation  

A very big and Dangerous sign to know when your guy is getting least INTERESTED IN YOU. There is a gap between you both when it comes to communication, meetings. Many days, months pass without seeing each other and talking. Suddenly, he comes to you and things go again that way just for a few days and the moment you try to find the reason for separation, again the gap is created and you are left alone and emotionally disturbed.

  • You don’t know each other on social media

When a man doesn’t find you interesting, he will not allow you to enter his world. He will not like you to be on his social media accounts and to be on his friend list on Facebook. Even when you insist, he will get angry or will try to manipulate you for so many reasons other than adding you.

  • When there is only physical intimation left between you two

It is indeed very upsetting and heartbreaking to understand this thing especially about the person who is a world to you but he only contacts you and talks to you when he wants to get physical with you. Ladies, you have to learn this sign, it is better to leave the guy as soon as you notice this thing. The sooner you leave, the lighter it gets. 

  • He is always there to blame you and make you feel guilty for every little and big thing

Whenever you talk about an issue and you try to sort out the things, he only exaggerates the things to a dirty level. He finds ways to make you feel guilty of every wrong turn that happened between you two. He doesn’t miss the chance to verbally abuse you, showing disrespect through his anger and he blames you for your every move even when you gave your 100%. He only knows how to knock you down as he wanted to be nice to you but because of you, everything turned opposite and bad.

  •   There is no “WE”, there is no “YOU” but only “HE”

Have you ever realized the thing that he even asks about you, your whole day plan, and how were you when he was not talking with you? This is also an important warning sign that you should not take it lightly. Yes, it feels really good and nice to receive his calls, but it would also be great if asks about you, your well-being and if he is making some plan, he should take your advice and permission. He only talks about the things that you must know not to hurt him even when you are the real victim. Instead, he cuts the conversation short and insists to meet you in a cozy private place suddenly and he hates to listen to no. 

These warning signs should be considered before it gets too late. Ladies, it is high time now that you should start taking care of your emotions and feelings too.  It hurts but it is also important to understand his behavior, talk and better try to move on if any of these things match with your condition. 

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