Cake Mixing Kicks In Christmas Celebrations At Radisson, CP

The annual cake mixing event at Radisson Blu Marina, CP not only kicked in the Christmas & New Year celebrations but relived the age old tradition of preparing rich Christmas cake batter that goes in the making of Christmas cakes.

The practice of cake mixing is an age old tradition where kgs of dry fruits, nuts, grains, spices are combined together to form a mixture. This mixture is then soaked in alcoholic brands for a few days to let them soak all the flavours and aroma. Lastly, it is divided into parts which goes into the cake batter from which further christmas fruit cakes are baked.

This year’s the cake would be baked around December  and it will taste of love and happiness besides  the intoxicating taste of litres and litres of alcohol blended in it.

The Christmas cake and pudding when prepared would be eaten with brandy butter, rum butter, hard sauce, cream, custard or with a caster sugar.

As the cake mixing ingredients were brought  to the table ceremoniously (flambeed), it was met with a round of applause. Then the cake mixing ceremony was started.

By Khushboo Jain
Wellness Advocate, Founder of Madaboutwellness
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Khushboo Jain

Khushboo Jain, Founder Madaboutwellness Spas & Wellness Review Platform Khushboo Jain is a a full-spectrum Wellness Advocate & Influencer, award winning Author, Wellness Columnist, a former TV journalist, who revolutionized the Indian wellness industry with her first ecommerce venture- (The portal that brought the entire wellness industry on one single platform to find alternative treatments and therapies for any body problem). Her brand Madaboutwellness Reviews Spas, Wellness Retreats & Genuine Wellness Products. With deep and intensive knowledge on both Media and Wellness Industry, she has been spreading awareness about Indian Wellness System of Medicine through Content space. Her mission to promote WELLNESS globally. As content curator Khushboo Jain runs Madaboutwellness Productions, a Delhi, India based Boutique Video & film production house that specializes in creating Intelligent Video & Still content of all types, formats and genre for various media platforms.

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