Deepika Padukone Visits Hospital: Producer Gives Her Health Update; Check Out Here!

Recently, the report about Deepika Padukone drummed up some tension. During the shooting in Hyderabad, the actress’s health abruptly weakened, after which she needed to go to the clinic.However, nobody had given any report in this matter from Deepika’s team.

Although, presently the film’s maker Ashwin Dutt has given huge data about Deepika’s health. The producer said that Deepika had gone to the medical clinic for a routine checkup not due to disintegrating health.

Deepika was going for the film of the upcoming with Amitabh Bachchan, when unexpectedly she felt anxious and was hurried to Kamineni Hospital.  filmmaker Ashwin Dutt informed that Deepika’s health didn’t unexpectedly decay.

They are completely fine. Deepika went to the clinic just for a normal check up. Recently, the actor was contaminated with covid, from which she went to Europe not long after recuperating. After getting back from Europe, Deepika came directly to our set.

Ashwin said that Deepika is an exceptionally professional actor. The movie producers and the unit believed that Deepika should rest as she didn’t get time to rest since her recovery Because of which her BP was fluctuating. Yet, the actress is so devoted to work that she came on the set and furthermore shot with Amitabh. She is exceptionally diligent.

Attacking the media, Ashwin expressed that there was no such thing as was shown by the media exaggeratedly. Deepika’s health is totally fine. After the checkup, Deepika got back to the shooting. The maker said that Deepika is appreciative of going for the task with Prabhas and Amitabh.

This is Deepika’s first film with Prabhas. Ashwini is directing the film. This film will be released by the following year. Simultaneously, Deepika Padukone will also be seen in Pathan with Shahrukh Khan.


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