Do Moissanite Have Resale Value – a Guide to Selling and Appraising Moissanite Jewelry

What resale value can you anticipate for your Moissanite engagement ring or wedding set if you ever need to sell it? Many people think diamonds gain value over time, but is this true? What about moissanite, do moissanite have resale value? Will the price of moissanite rise? The value of a moissanite won’t likely rise, but neither will that of a conventional diamond. Even if you buy best hip hop jewelry, both typically resale at a significant loss, particularly if they are sold shortly after being bought. The overall danger of loss is frequently smaller with Moissanite than with a more expensive diamond because it is much less expensive. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain the aspects that affect Moissanite resale value and what you may anticipate earning for your moissanite when you decide to sell.

Can A Moissanite Ring Be Resold?

There are times when plans don’t work out. Sometimes you have to sell a ring you had planned to cherish forever. Sometimes people decide to upgrade and sell their previous ring to help pay for the expense of the new one. Other times, relationships end, their financial situation changes, or they decide to upgrade. Some people contend that Moissanite and other diamond imitation rings are worthless. They argue that diamonds are the only gemstones that have value and can be sold again. It’s a foolish assertion with no basis in reality.

Many couples are purchasing Moissanite Promise Rings, Anniversary Rings, Wedding Bands, and Engagement Rings. Of course, some couples interested in purchasing a brand-new Moissanite ring would also be interested in purchasing a comparable used ring to save money. The size of that discount will depend on many variables. It is logical. If individuals in your neighborhood are paying retail to buy new rings, how could a ring have No resale value? You can sell Moissanite again!

Engagement Rings Are not Financial Investments 

Ideally, you aren’t purchasing an engagement ring to resell it for a profit later on. Giving rings as a symbol of commitment or to mark significant dates in a relationship is more of a relationship investment than a financial one. There are better areas to put your money in if you want to make money.

Engagement rings are terrible investments because they rarely increase in value due to the stones. Still, they are also terrible investments because no one wants to sell a ring with a lot of personal worth, and they would likely be wounded by the idea that the ring should be sold. Even though engagement rings are a great way to lose money, they are still worthwhile purchases as long as you consider them an expense rather than an investment. Making judgments about the gifts you choose to mark your engagement, marriage, and other relationship milestones will be much easier after you make that mental change.

How Much Will You Get If You Resell?

Selling a used wedding band or engagement ring requires a markdown from the going retail rate. Why would anyone spend the same amount on a ring from a stranger as they would at their neighborhood jeweler? Of course, the jeweler will enjoy greater credibility. Smaller benefits like free cleanings, size changes, or repairs are also provided occasionally. If the buyer purchases from you instead, they won’t receive those items. Your discount to account for those elements and the perception of heightened risk.

Comparison of the Prices of Resold Moissanite and Diamond

Diamond snobs frequently claim that diamond values typically increase. They strongly promote this untruth. It’s a falsehood for many reasons, which We’ll outline below and prove. If you’re concerned about the possibility of losing money should you need to resell at any point, purchasing Moissanite is financially much safer?

Your Appraisal of the Moissanite’s Reliability

Jewelry evaluations shouldn’t be taken seriously. For instance, just because your ring is valued at $3,000 doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to sell it for that much. The appraised value is typically an estimation of the cost to replace your ring rather than the price someone else would be willing to pay. The genuine value of your ring (what you could sell it for) is often far lower than the appraised value because nobody wants to pay retail for a secondhand ring.

Scarcity’s Effect on Value

What causes price hikes? Do moissanite have resale value? There is no chance for actual shortage because lab-made moissanite can be generated as soon as necessary to meet demand. Everyone makes the false claim that diamonds are rare and their rarity justifies their exorbitant price. However, the diamond industry creates a scarcity that is 100% fake to maintain high pricing.

Each year, more diamonds are mined than are added to the supply. Supply is strictly regulated to maintain the appearance of rarity and value. Diamond prices would be far lower if there weren’t a planned and regulated atmosphere. Consumers would benefit, but the mined diamond business would suffer. Diamond sellers describe diamonds as having an intrinsic value far higher than other gemstones. Other kinds of stones don’t engage in such collaboration, so drawing comparisons between them would be unfair.


In conclusion of the subject ‘do moissanite have resale value?’, neither the price of diamonds or moissanite will increase. The safer stone to buy is moissanite, though. It costs less to purchase and requires less substantial discounting to resell. It also resembles a diamond in appearance but is a stone almost as hard as a diamond (second only to a diamond on the Mohs Scale of Hardness). If you ever need to sell your ring again, a Moissanite ring will only need a 30% reduction. However, a diamond ring will probably need at least a 58% discount.

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