Gori Nagori Threatens Bigg Boss, Said- “I Will Break Archana’s Hands And Legs”, Know Whole Matter Here!!

New drama is being seen every day in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 16’. In the last episode, ‘Bigg Boss’ snatched the captaincy from Shiv Thackeray and gave it to Archana Gautam, after which the atmosphere of the whole house changed. On one hand, Archana is trying to be responsible in the house, while Gori Nagori is leaving no chance to mess with her. At the same time, now in the upcoming episode, there will also be a fight between the two, due to which Gori will be seen threatening even ‘Bigg Boss’. Then Karan Johar, the host of the show will also take class of Gori Nagori.

Archana Gautam

Actually, the promo of the upcoming episode of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ of Bigg Boss has come out, in which not Salman Khan but Karan Johar is seen. This is because Salman Khan got dengue and now Karan will be hosting the show instead of the actor for some time. It can be seen in the promo that early in the morning, Gori Nagori is trying to entangle Archana Gautam from the front.

Gori Nagori

In the video, Gori can be seen stealing fruits from Captain Archana’s room and eating them and when Archana tries to stop Gori, she fights. After this, Gori is seen sitting in the garden area with Shiv and says ‘Bigg Boss I will break her head’. Gori does not stop here. She also says ‘Bigg Boss’ I want your answer. Otherwise, someone’s hands and feet can also be broken here today’.

Karan Johar

At the same time, host Karan Johar’s anger on this act of Gori erupts during ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. Karan Johar asks everyone that the provoking she was doing was not meant to hurt someone or not? She also threatened Bigg Boss. You have to stay at home or go out. This promo of the show is becoming increasingly viral on social media and it is clear from this video that today Gori Nagori’s class is going to be held in the show.

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