Grilled Food And Its Side Effects

Till now we heard about grilling is a healthy option for cooking food. It is the best part of outdoor campaigns or trips. Grilling helps in less calorie intake or even in losing weight. As compared to other cooking methods grilling requires less oil. Even it helps in keeping the vitamins and minerals of food. And also it is great in taste plus the very easy way of cooking if you are cooking outside.

But every coin has two sides. Recent studies showered that grilled food can cause cancer, yes you heard it right! if you grill food at a higher temperature it will produce cancer-causing chemicals called heterocyclic amines which will cause cancer. Other than this grilled food has many other side effects also.

while intaking grilled food in the name of taste we are intaking sodium and sugar. Sodium intake increases blood pressure and sugar intake increases the risk of diabetes. Too much of anything will obviously harm our body, whether it is grilled, baked, fried. Excess of food will develop cholesterol or even heart attacks with increased risk of obesity. Because all the processed food is extremely high in fat. Lastly, it can increase the risk of breast cancer as well as low fertility rates.

Even after knowing the side effects of grilled food we cannot avoid or stop eating grilled food. But we can change some ways of cooking it as precautionary

  • 30 mins marination plays an important role when it comes to grilling
  • Secondly one should remember to flip the sides of pieces to avoid more contact with heat
  • In today’s time, there are plenty of options for grilling rather than the traditional one. One should choose the modern version of grilling rather than the typical one
  • To make it less contact with heat one should pre-cook the food in micro or gas.
  • According to studies, plant-based food is less harmful. The use of vegetables will make the grilled food less harmful.

We just need to keep self-control on ourselves to enjoy our favorite food for a long time rather than stopping it forever. Because it’s in human nature to take precautions to be in the long run.










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