Kat And Vicky’s Wedding Videos And Pictures To Be Streamed On Amazon Prime, Deal Done For 80 Crore

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are going to get married today i.e. 9th December at Fort Barwara in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. The wedding ceremony has been kept private as they have kept their relationship and apart from the family, only some very close people will attend the wedding. The reception will be held on 10th December. 120 guests have been invited to this grand wedding. Wedding preparations are being done well at Six Senses Fort Barwara Hotel in Sawai Madhopur. A special mandap has been prepared for Katrina and Vicky’s wedding which is completely made in the royal style.

Katrina and Vicky Kaushal

Katrina and Vicky have made special arrangements to ensure that the pictures of their wedding are not leaked. Now reports have come to the fore that an OTT company has given a big offer to both of them for their wedding pictures. According to the report, Katrina and Vicky have sold the broadcast rights of their wedding directly to Amazon Prime Video for Rs 80 crore. That’s why Katrina and Vicky have asked their guests to sign NDA too so that nothing leaks before the wedding. It is also reported that both of them have given rights of pictures and videos to an international magazine.

Under this, Amazon has placed an offer of Rs 80 crore in front of Katrina and Vicky to get wedding photos. Now as  both of them accepted the offer, their pictures and videos of the wedding ceremony will be shown on the OTT platform. It includes some special moments, interviews of family members. However, Katrina and Vicky have not made any official announcement about this marriage yet. Even before this, many star celebrities have adopted such a trend.

Katrina Kaif

This trend of streaming the wedding pictures and videos on OTT platform is quite common in many countries. Under this, the celebrity sells the rights of exclusive photos and videos of their wedding to a channel or magazine. This also gives that celebrity a good amount of money. The wedding pictures of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding were also not leaked. They had given the rights of the pictures to some company. Similar trend is seen in many star couple’s weddings abroad.

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