Looking For Good To Happen

By Prerna

We always want to be perfect and better than others but we forget that at the end of the day everybody is not the same. How can individuals be the same? It’s truly said that what you give, comes back to you and you can never run away from it. Humiliating others and making fun of them is what fools do and they never know that others can also laugh at them.

There’s always a kind of seriousness and generosity when it comes to work or handling major things in life. One needs to be gentle, kind and serious when it comes to work. You need to think about your goals and work on them but your goals and work always don’t go parallel. Getting a positive response from people is what we want but do goals allow others to do so?

Perhaps, things are not quite the same for every person and that’s why we are different from each other. Having some sense of maturity could really help you in getting good fortunes. Rectifying past mistakes and moving ahead without any compromises are major good changes to bring in yourself and moreover one can always become his/her best friend by being honest and tough. 

Gathering courage for taking tough decisions is required so as to eradicate unnecessary melodramas from life. Lying to oneself could be the biggest mistake which anyone can does but accepting the uncertainties and bringing solutions for them could be extremely helpful and beneficial. Look for the changes around you and it’s always good to make mistakes as we learn from them for the better to take place.

Any individual can become good, better and eventually the best when believes in self and his/her potential, hard work and intelligence.

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