Not One or Two Variants, But 7 Mutations of Corona are Surfaced

One mutation after another continues in the original form of the corona virus. The second wave in the country was very dangerous due to the mutated form of Corona delta variant. The delta variant has now changed to ‘Delta Plus’ with a new mutation that experts consider to be more contagious and dangerous. Amidst the news of mutations in the virus, the recent reports are quite shocking. In this report, it is being claimed to have seven mutations in the corona virus. According to health experts, this new variant of corona can be quite contagious and fatal.


It is being told in recent reports that seven mutations have been seen in the lambda variant of the corona. First found in Peru, this deadly variant of corona has spread to many countries around the world including America and Britain. Health experts are considering it more dangerous than the delta variant of the corona, which has become a cause of concern worldwide. Keep in mind that the delta variant of the corona had only two mutations, due to which it is called double mutant variant. Evidence of how dangerous the delta variant can be, has been found in the second wave of corona in India. In such a situation, questions are arising in the minds of people that if the delta variant with two mutants can be so dangerous, then how deadly will the lambda variant with seven mutations be? Let us know about this in detail in the next slides.


Expressing concern about the lambda variant of the corona, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, says, “This variant can cause a lot of problems.” It is likely to be more contagious than the delta variant of the corona. This variant has spread in more than 31 countries of the world. We need to be very careful with this. Along with Britain and America, cases of this variant have also been reported in Israel, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Turkey and Australia. More studies are currently needed to know the infectivity of the lambda variant.

The lambda variant of Corona was first detected in Peru in August 2020 and since then it has spread to about 31 countries. Scientists say that many mutations have been seen in the spike protein of this variant of the corona, which greatly increases its transmissibility. In recent reports, cases of this variant are increasing very rapidly in the United Kingdom. On June 15, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the lambda variant of Corona as a ‘Variants of Interest’. Public Health England (PHE) has classified it as a ‘variant under investigation’.


Given the nature of the lambda, it can be considered more infectious than other variants of the coronavirus, says Dr Pablo Tsukayama, an expert in molecular biology at Cayetano Heredia University in Lima, Peru. In December, only one lambda variant was reported out of 200 samples, says Dr. Pablo, which has increased to 50 per cent in March and 80 per cent by June. A study sent for peer review states that the lambda variant is more contagious than the alpha and gamma variants.

According to health experts, as traffic continues with the US and European countries, cases of lambda variants may also come to the fore in India. Any infectious virus spreads step by step. Currently, India has no cases of infection from the Lambda variant, but with the ongoing international traffic, we cannot rule out the possibility of it in the future. It is very important to make proper arrangements for special screening and quarantine of people coming from countries prone to infection.

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