Ways To Honour The Memory Of A Dead Loved One

Do you miss someone who is no longer with us? Honouring the memory of a loved one is an individual and personal process, a way of remembering the person who passed away, their life, and their impact on those around them. The process can help in grieving, providing a sense of connection to the person who has died, helping to cope with the pain of their loss, and keeping their memory alive for future generations.

Hold a memorial service

A memorial service is one of the most common ways of keeping a loved one’s memory and is a way to celebrate the life of your loved one with family and friends. It can be a formal ceremony held at a funeral home or a more informal gathering with family and friends.

The service typically includes a eulogy, where memories and anecdotes about the loved one are shared, as well as music, readings, and prayers. It can also have a visual tribute, such as a slideshow of pictures or a display of personal belongings.

Create a memorial

You can create a physical memorial to your loved one, such as a plaque, stone, or bench in a park. Creating a physical memorial is another way to honour the memory of a loved one, which may be a headstone, plaque, urns for ashes Australia or other permanent markers at a cemetery, or a bench or tree planted in a park or additional public spaces. Aside from those, you can also create a memorial in the loved one’s home, such as a particular corner with their picture and belongings or a box that displays their favourite items.

Donate to a charity in their name

You can donate to a charity that your loved one was passionate about or that aligns with their values. Contributing to a charity in the loved one’s name is a meaningful way to honour their memory while helping others. The loved one may support the charity that aligns with their values and interests.

Start a scholarship

You can start a scholarship in your loved one’s name to help students pursue their education. Creating a scholarship in the loved one’s name is another way to honour their memory, which can help to continue their legacy by providing opportunities for students to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Keep their memory alive through art

You can create art, music, or a poem honouring your loved one’s memory. Keeping the loved one’s memory alive through art is a creative and personal way to honour them. This art could be a painting, sculpture, or other artwork that captures their spirit or personality, and it could also be a poem or song celebrating their life and legacy.

Write a letter

You can write a letter to your loved one expressing your feelings and memories. Writing a letter to the loved one who has passed away can be a therapeutic way to express your feelings, memories, and thoughts. You can write about how much you miss them, share memories of the times you spent together, or express gratitude for their impact on your life.

Keep their traditions alive

You can continue to celebrate holidays and traditions that your loved one enjoyed. Celebrating holidays and activities that the loved one wanted is another way to keep their memory alive. This act could be as simple as cooking their favourite meal or participating in an activity they love.


You can volunteer in your loved one’s honour to support the causes they care about. Finally, volunteering in the loved one’s honour is a way to keep the causes they care about and continue their legacy of giving back, such as volunteering at a local charity or organisation or participating in a fundraiser or event.


Honouring the memory of a loved one is a deeply personal process, and everyone grieves and remembers in their way. The most important thing is choosing something meaningful and accurate to the loved one’s memory, and this can provide comfort, solace, and a sense of connection to the person who has passed away.

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