When Amitabh Bachchan Shouted At Jaya Bachchan In Front Of The Media And The Reason Was Rekha

Speak in the center of a love triangle Amitabh BachchanJaya and Line Has been happening for a previous couple of decades. it’s far believed that once unknown In 1976, the onscreen chemistry of Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha changed into well-received by using the audience. Reportedly, their romance blossomed into real existence as properly. however no one universal it in a public discussion board. however, the testimonies of Rekha and Amitabh are nevertheless within the hearts and minds of the humans. Please tell that Amitabh was already married to Jaya Bachchan in 1973. at the same time as we regularly take Jaya quiet on matters, it was Amitabh who once yelled at his wife and the reason become none aside from Rekha.

Journalist Karan Thapar in his ebook satan’s recommend – The inner tale recounts the incident in a very distinctive manner. while Karan was interviewing huge B and Jaya together, the journalist requested the celebrity about their alleged affairs and relationships. Amitabh changed into first requested approximately his affair Parveen BabikTo which he responded, “No. I’ve additionally examined such memories. they’re now not authentic. but I will prevent magazines from writing such stuff.”Then when Amitabh become asked approximately Rekha, he replied, ‘No, not even along with her. Then the interviewer grew to become to Jaya and requested her if she believed in him and she or he replied, “I’ve always believed in my husband.” the whole lot become calm till this time. however, who knew it changed into the calm earlier than the storm.

After this interview, Amitabh invites the journalist for lunch in which Jaya gives her husband a few rice. Out of nowhere, huge B shouted at Jaya, “you understand I never devour rice. Why are you giving me something I in no way have?” Jaya tried to give an explanation for that he gave her rice because the rotis had been nonetheless being made. however, Amitabh became still irritated. “I don’t want rice! I’ve in no way had rice and you comprehend it. I’m no longer complaining that the rotis haven’t arrived, however, prevent giving me rice alternatively. I’ve said I don’t need rice and I ‘ I’m satisfied looking ahead to the loaves. Can’t you apprehend? What’s occurred to you? Why can’t you simply pay attention to me?” They stated.


The journalist concluded, “Jaya left the room and by no means again. The rotis seemed rapidly after and Amitabh commenced consuming. The relaxation folks had no appetite.”

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