Baby Jesus’s Sculpture In US Looks Like Mark Zuckerberg, Internet Baffled!

A statue of baby Jesus in a museum in the United States stirred up the Internet. This painting depicts a statue of the mother Mary holding the baby Jesus in her arms. The reason the photo has become a hot topic on social media is because the baby Jesus in the photo looks like Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta. Even former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was forced to react.

One user shared an image of the unmarried mother Mary and Baby Jesus at the Los Angeles Museum of Art and wrote: “This statue of the Baby Jesus at the Los Angeles Museum of Art resembles Mark Zuckerberg.” Dorsey re-shared the photo on his Twitter account and Captioned it “meta”. It was probably the only word that came to his mind when he first saw the statue.

The odd resemblance couldn’t calm the internet, but some netizens were unhappy with the way the statue was made. one wrote, “It’s a shame to see something like this in the name of art. To ridicule such hypocrisy is an insult of holy while the other wrote, “his privates are exposed. Hey, You can’t cross certain boundaries! one another user wrote, “Naked babies on the internet are a crime, but Do you agree with nude statues of this important person?.

It is said that the baby Jesus was made of multicolored wood. This is a small copy of Quito Pilgrims. This image caused a storm of memes on Twitter. One user noted that Zuckerberg could never be a Christ-like person because he sold people’s data to get rich. “Mark Zuckerberg sold data to get rich. Mark Zuckerberg may look like a statue of baby Jesus, but his soul is definitely not like Christ.”


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