How Cute! Amitabh Bachchan Reveals What Jaya Bachchan Does When She Feels Romantic

Actor Amitabh Bachchan has shared a cute detail about his married life. He shared a habit with his wife Jaya Bachchan. In an up-and-coming episode of KBC 14, Amitabh revealed that Jaya feeds him by hand. She does that when she feels extra mushy.

In a promo shared by Sony Entertainment Television, Amitabh asked a contestant if he can cook. The contestant said, “The wife would throw me out of the kitchen if I entered it.” He further added that for him there is ‘no entry’ in the kitchen.

Amitabh asked what she cooks for him. He said, “I just need to ask for it and she cooks me that dish. ”Even when we fight, she sends me post-it notes in the tiffin. Muffin for my muffin’, she calls me muffin with love.” Amitabh Bachchan smiled at their romance. 

The contestant asked Amitabh if Jaya Bachchan sends him notes of love too. Amitabh said, “Sir, chitti nai milti hai par jis din prem vrem ho, us din bahut pyaar se jo cheez humko acchi lagti ho woh apne hath se humare mooh mein daal dengi (She doesn’t send me letters but whenever she is feeling romantic, she lovingly makes things that the I like and puts them in my mouth with her own hands).”

Jaya revealed earlier how Amitabh gets upset when her friends come to visit. Jaya said, “Your nana is like, he is the grumpiest. He will say ‘I have to go up, excuse me, ladies. If you don’t mind’ and something. They are quite happy that he is not there.”

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