Newborn and Pediatric Surgery Center in Bangkok

There is nothing more precious in this world than the birth of a child. The wonder and joy that bringing new life into this world brings is unequalled. Human beings are genetically programed to reproduce. However, unlike all other mammals on the planet, human beings have the power of reason.

Mammals, with the exception of us humans, reproduce solely in order to pass on their genes, thus maintaining the existence of the species. Of course, humans also want to continue the family line, but having the power of reason means that we also consider other mitigating factors as part of our family planning.

Couples may consider numerous factors as they make their plans for a family, and the importance of individual factors will vary from one couple to another. Most commonly, consideration is given to the financial, social, economic and lifestyle changes that raising children bring about.

One factor which is often given scant regard is that of health. All couples want to have strong healthy babies, and thankfully the vast majority do. Sadly, there are those whose offspring are not so blessed. Often, the reasons for a newborn being sick is due to genetics, in other cases it may be less explicable.

The sad fact is that from birth, some babies will be afflicted with health issues that require surgery. With our babies being so precious, it is natural to seek the very best care available. Thankfully, in Bangkok there is a facility that specializes in pediatric health issues and surgery, Samitivej’s Newborn and Pediatric Surgery Center.

This center leads all others in its modernity and drive to be at the cutting edge of treatment for newborns and young people. It’s not only the state-of-the-art technology, and the internationally trained specialist doctors that make the center exceptional. It is also about what the center stands for behind the scenes. 

The Newborn and Pediatric Surgery Center in Bangkok adheres to Samitivej Hospital’s unique “Real Clean Means” philosophy. Throughout the center the rigid, uncompromising, cleaning, and sterilizing routine is conducted as an automatic norm. Maintaining their exemplary hygiene and cleanliness routines contributes to the center being the safest possible medical facility in Bangkok.

The center also ensures that foreign visitors do not face communication problems, communicative clarity is vital within the medical profession. Thus, the staff are all multi-lingual, and with translators for other languages also on hand, communication is never a problem.

For overseas visitors to any of Samitivej Hospital’s there are experts on hand to advise and assist with the kingdom’s officialdom. For example, the visa procedures can seem confusing and complicated for foreign visitors. Issues, as such fully trained staff will assist and advise where appropriate. 

Ultra-Modern Surgical Treatments

Surgery, on any patient, is undertaken to fix or remove a problem either internally or on the surface of the body. Surgery is always performed with the goal being on improving health, but there is a negative side to internal surgical procedures. All such procedures will inevitably cause some degree of trauma.

At the Newborn and Pediatric Surgery Center in Bangkok only the most up to date equipment and surgical techniques are employed. At the center, care and consideration for the patient is not confined to fixing a problem, it extends to the physical and mental wellbeing of the patient following any procedure.

Any surgical procedure on the very young can be distressing for the child, and the parents. By utilizing laparoscopic surgical techniques, the center’s skilled surgical team are able to minimize post-surgical trauma. Physically, this promotes and shortens healing times, and with much reduced pain, discomfort and visible scaring, the levels of stress experienced by the patient is minimal.

Laparoscopic, or minimally invasive surgery (MIS), has revolutionized invasive surgery. It enables the surgeons to make much smaller incisions, usually between 2-5 millimeters, and to use surgical instruments of a similar size. With one of the instruments being a camera, the surgeon is able to conduct the necessary procedure externally from the body.

Another advantage of this method of surgery is that the patient will be able to return home much sooner. For a young child, just being in hospital and away from their parents can be distressing, so enabling the child to be home with their family does much for their overall wellbeing.

Laparoscopic Procedures

Due to the ultra-modern, high-tech facilities at the center, there is now a vast number of surgical techniques that lend themselves to being conducted using laparoscopic surgical techniques. The center has also advanced the science of diagnostics through the use of laparoscopy.

Accurate and definitive diagnostics have become more easily obtainable due to the development of laparoscopic techniques. This advanced technology allows a surgeon to make a very small incision, through which a tiny camera is inserted. The images are then projected onto an external screen allowing the surgeon to diagnose the exact health issue, and to assess its level of severity.

Following the diagnosis, the Clinic’s specialist doctors can then draw up a detailed treatment plan. This may, or may not, include surgical procedures. Depending on the particular issue other treatments may be more appropriate, intravenous and topical treatment programs are common.

Hernias in the very young, and in newborns are not uncommon. At the center, the skilled surgeons are well versed in the repair of abdominal wall hernias and diaphragmatic hernias. Another common procedure is the appendectomy, removal of the appendix. This is now routinely conducted via the laparoscopy technique. 

Other procedures include bowel resection, tumor and cyst removal, orchiopexy (undescended testis), splenectomy (removal of the spleen), congenital intestinal obstruction (Hirschsprung’s Disease) and varying forms of thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery and urologic surgery. Gallstones and inflammation of the gallbladder are now routine procedures at the clinic, as is the treatment of umbilical hernias, or omphalocele and cardiovascular disease.

There is a myriad of health issues that can be diagnosed at, or even before, birth. Many of these are associated with the bones and joints. Such issues can lead to deformations and other extended health issues. However, skilled treatment using minimal invasive surgery at the Newborn and Pediatric Surgery Center has led to many young people being able to live normal lives.

Being able to raise strong healthy children is something most parents take for granted. For those that, sadly, have children that face health challenges, seeking the very best, and most advanced care, is paramount. There can be nowhere, for locals, expats and health tourists, which offers the greatest level of diagnostics and cure than the Newborn and Pediatric Surgery Center in Bangkok.