Here’s The Real Reason Why Malaika Arora Decided To End Her Marriage With Arbaaz Khan

The divorce of Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan came as a shocker to many. Apparently, Salman Khan even tried to get the two back together but nothing worked and the two parted ways in 2017, after 17 years of marriage. However, there was no clarity on the reason behind this divorce.
Recently, Malaika Arora was hosting a chat show ‘What Woman Want’ along with Kareena Kapoor. During that chat show, Malaika revealed the interesting details about her divorce with Arbaaz. Malaika revealed it’s better to end the relationship if you are in an unhappy marriage. If the two aren’t happy in their marriage it affects the others around you. Also, I would want to advise the entire woman out there who hesitates to take this decision. No one is going to judge you or make you feel any less, it’s just that you need to carry out the process with utmost dignity and self-respect.
People close to both Malaika and Arbaaz tried to convince Malika to reconsider her decision of ending the marriage but it seems that there was no scope of reconciliation. According to the reports, Even Salman Khan had asked Malaika to give a second thought but the actress was quite firm on her decision.
Have a look at the divorce petition filed by Malaika Arora: According to an article posted by Yahoo News, Malaika in a closed-door meeting with her lawyer has asked to include these 3 specific things in her divorce petition: 1) I want to divorce Arbaaz because our marriage has failed to give me any financial stability. 2) My husband and his family want that I start leading a simple and domestic life, which I will not. 3) I shall never forbid my son from meeting his father after the divorce, but I should get his custody at any cost whatsoever.
Now Malaika has happily moved on after the divorce. According to the various media reports, Malika is allegedly dating Arjun Kapoor and rumored to be getting married anytime soon.

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