Some Quick two minutes Snacking Ideas You Can Make with Roti

Rotis are a versatile food item. You can eat roti with almost everything. You can have roti with any heavy side dish or vegetables and lentils in lunch and with a delicious heavy chicken side dish or something in dinner. But today in this article we will discuss some 2 minutes of snacks you can make with roti. These snacks you can have with tea or coffee in the morning or the evening. These snacks are also healthy and can be taken by people of any age. You can also pack these snacks for your children or your husband in Tiffin as they are easy to eat and very filling as well. But the base of all these snacks is to make the roti so without wasting any more time let’s talk about the roti first. Roti may look simple and easy but a lot of effort goes behind making it. The first step is to mix the wheat gram flour with some water and a pinch of salt and then mix them until the mixture turns ins gum-like consistency. Then make small balls out of the dough. steps up to this much are necessary but to make it easier the next steps you can opt for a roti maker. Roti makers as for example Zimplistic Rotimatic is an electrical device where you can make perfectly round flatbreads easily without any hassle. A company named Zimplisticmakes extremely affordable kitchen appliances with modern features which will make our cooking experiences a lot better.  The first product of Zimplistic has already boomed the market with extra advanced IoT enabled Rotimatic. You can see more about rotimatic reviews in India. Now let’s keep it all aside and talk about the snacks and how to make them. 

Egg-Roti Wrap

The egg-roti wrap is very popular among children even adults love it very much. It is both healthy and tasty. Perfect for Tiffin purpose and also for snacking. To prepare egg-roti wrap you will need 1 egg per wrap, tomatoes, green chilies, green peas and potatoes. Chop all the veggies and keep them aside then beat the egg and mix the veggies with the beaten egg and fry the mixture in a pan in medium flame and when the upper layer is still watery add the roti and turn it around and keep doing this until the wrap is done then add a few drops of tomato ketchup and some sliced onions and wrap it into a roll and let it cool for e few minutes.  After the wrap is ready you can eat it with tea or coffee or with a beverage of your choice. You can also give this wrap to your children, just cut them into half and pack them in the lunch-box and see them bringing the box back home empty.

Jam-Roti Wrap

Fruit jams are another thing people of all age loves to eat very much. These wraps are even easier to make as jams of various brands are available in the market. Just pick any of the best brands and make this Jam-roti wrap. Or you can also make fruit jam at your own house. Though the process of making jams at home is a bit complicated and other than complicated you can’t keep it in your house for much longer because they tend to catch fungus very easily so we recommend you to buy the jam from the market. Well keeping it aside lets jump to the process of making the jam-roti wrap. Making it is so easy that you don’t even have to enter into your kitchen, just pre-make the rotis in a roti maker and you will be sorted. And to prepare the wrap to take a blunt knife so you don’t cut yourself on the process, then scoop out some of the jam from the jar and spread it on the roti and make a roll.  This wrap can be eaten in breakfast with some warm milk, or as an evening snack. If you are out of ideas of what to pack in Tiffin for your children, well, give it a try and you’ll be happy to see their lunch box empty. 

Fried Potatoes and Roti

Fried potatoes are a great snack itself but if you add 1 or 2 rotis with it then it will become healthy as well. You can eat this combo as it is or you can also make a wrap and eat it. Making Potato fries are also very easy and we’ve spoken several times about how roti makers help make rotis but keeping all this aside let’s talk about how you can make potato fry easily at the comfort of your home and also roti making is very easy with the availability of Rotimatic in the market. The first step is to sort out potatoes and cancel the faulty ones. After that rinse them under running tap water to wash all the dust away then chop them finely and keep aside. One thing you can do is to marinate the chopped potatoes with some salt and dry spices to add the extra taste and after marinating keep them in the refrigerator for a few hours. Then you can fry the potatoes in medium flame until they become golden brown, don’t let it sit in the pan for more than it needs because that may burn the potatoes and you don’t want that. After it is ready you can eat it with rotis whenever you want.


And lastly, we hope that you will like the snacking ideas mentioned above. If you liked them then give them a try and make them at your home and eat with your family, we are sure you will not be disappointed. 

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