Women in economy

Women play an important role in the economy of a nation. The status of Indian women has been subject to many changes in the recorded history of India.

Main practices such as female infanticide dowry child marriage and many more cultural traditions have had a long duration proving difficult to root out many men in India continue to face significant difficulties the rates of malnutrition an exceptionally high among adolescent girls.

Housewives are the largest workforce in the world, the most underpaid, and receive induced scoff. 

Women are ultimately the largest consumer in the market especially so in the Indian market with the culture that is upheld by women’s wear. It is the white lead you to ensure all goods are stock in the house and family members can work without a hiccup. Yet women are the most overlooked consumer of the market and the corporate switch targets female consumers of the female workforce within the company.


More women may be involved in the undocumented or disguised hat in the female labor force it is estimated that over 90% of women workers are involved in the informal sector is not included in official statistics. The informal sector includes jobs such as domestic servant small traders Aarti sons and labels on the family farm the female labor force which is unaccounted for the census wood and finds seeming hall to the system women empowerment is much more than realizing the work a woman does is equivalent to the work of am and it’s much more than obtaining the right to certain occupation women empowerment is the global realization that task done by a woman that the women touch to domestic city and professionalism is not desired but needed.


There have been hopeful signs. Female participation in the private sector in large and small, formal and informal enterprises is a crucial economic driver for society anywhere in the world. To promote progress in the public, private and business sectors why worldwide must unite in actionable policy agendas to ensure an equitable future.


Education is key to success. The number of women goes down as we move to higher levels of education. However, women are to be found in all professionals, including medicine and engineering. Education is seen as a major contributor to the empowerment process.


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