Make your home a calm and peaceful abode

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 Make your home a calm and peaceful abode


The outside world is too frenzied and hectic to live without any stress. After a long day in office and then on road, we all look forward to return to a safe haven. Isn’t it? Believe it or not, the ambience of the place affects the mental state and overall well being of the people. May be that’s why we feel rejuvenated and relaxed after a visit to a park or spa. However, it is not possible to visit a park or spa every day. But what if we can walk everyday into a calmer and relaxed home? What if the moment we step into our house, we feel relaxed, happy and stress-free?

Well…in today’s world it is very important to create a calm and peaceful abode that helps you to rejuvenate and recharge for tomorrow. Here are a few simple and basic tips to make your home calm and peaceful where you and your family will look forward to return.

  1. Soft and soothing light

Evening is the time when we switch on the lights to brighten it up. Let’s take this opportunity and use the lights to lighten up our mood. Soft yellow light soothes our mind and makes the environment serene. Keep it dim to make the evening romantic and gentle while you and your family relaxes and shares the day.


  1. Pictures of the wall

It is important and it makes a difference! The wall is the first thing you see when you enter the home. Make the wall look calm and peaceful. Decorate it with paintings but not too much. Select the picture which will have a calming effect on mind and that touches your soul. Let the décor of the house be in harmony.

  1. The impact of colour

Colour impacts you on psychological and emotional level. It can make or break your mood and it has been scientifically proven. Understand your colour preference before painting the house. However, a little pop of bright colours against the neutral tone will brighten your mood and fill the space with positive vibes. Try it!


  1. Go for minimalism

Simple and minimalist décor is a happy and peaceful space to dwell in. Too much of decoration becomes a clutter and it obstruct the positive flow of energy. Minimum decoration with lots of free and open space is appealing and relaxing. Don’t just confine the minimal and clutter-free philosophy in selected space. All rooms and each corner are important. Create a harmony in your home by having the whole space simple and clean.


  1. The simplicity of the bedroom

Make the bedroom simple and magical, after all this is the place where you will come for the rejuvenating sleep and to spend some ‘me or us’ time. Keep the décor simple and clutter-free. Above all keep all the gadgets out of the room. Let the soft light spread its magic to make the atmosphere romantic and soothing. Select soft tones for the bedroom. It will relax your mind and body.


  1. Tame the brightness

For a relaxing space, it is important to tame the intensity of the light. Have windows to freshen up the room and to fill it with natural light during the day. For nights, replace the direct light with hidden lamps to illuminate the room with diffused lighting. Replace the normal switches with regulators which will allow you to control its intensity.


  1. Nurture the natural beauty

Nothing is more relaxing and rejuvenating that spending some time amidst nature and natural surroundings. That’s why we go for vacations too. We humans are made to love and appreciate nature. So why not bring the nature home? Even a little green space will create magic. Decorate your garden with natural pots and candles for more peace and tranquillity.

  1. Smell and feel the freshness

Freshen up your evenings with soft light, relaxing colours and freshness of flowers and perfumed candles. Shed the memories of the hectic day and relax in the serene and calming environment of your home to make life happier and blissful.

I hope these fresh ideas have inspired you to make your home calm and serene.

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