Remember Our Childhood Favourite ‘Add Gel’ Pen? Now It Costs ₹40, 90’s Kids Recollects Memories!!

You aren’t a true desi 90’s kid if you haven’t relished the colorful Pepsi popsicles, or you haven’t collected trump cards, or watched Boogie-woogie and Shaktiman, read Tinkle, and played Chupa Chupi after a power cut in your mohallas or society.

Add Gel Pen

We all grew up using Apsara pencils to ink pens, Reynolds ball pens, then Ocean gel, and finally the dream pen of every middle class child “Add gel” pen. Back in those days we used to convince our parents to buy us the most expensive Add gel pen that costs us Rs 20 per pen that felt like moving a mountain for us because we could get Ocean gel pens for Rs 3 only in those days.

People’s Reaction

But times have changed a lot now and inflation has hit us really bad. We realized this fact when someone tweeted that our favorite Add gel pen now costs a whopping amount of Rs 40. And to make sure if this news is right or wrong, we cross-checked the news and it’s nothing close to the price at which we used to buy it back in those days.

People’s Reaction

And now people are reacting to this update on social media and sharing their feelings.One of the user, Ruchita’s tweet just came as a reality check that we are getting old and inflation is real, God Damn It! And just like those annoying uncles and aunts who used to lecture us about their era and how they used to walk miles to their school, Twitter went berserk and spoke like them about their “zamaana”. Comment down below what do you think about this price rise of your favorite pen.

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