Top 3 Timepieces to Gift Your Man This Winter Season

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Top 3 Timepieces to Gift Your Man This Winter Season

Apart from a man’s clothes and shoes, the single most important accessory a man adorns is his wristwatch. It is a reflection of his personality, his character and his refined sense of style. The timepiece worn by a man goes to say a lot about who he is and where his priorities lie, giving him a distinctive edge to stand apart from the crowd. So, why should your better half be left behind in the race of leaving a strong first impression?

A luxurious timepiece does for a man what jewellery does for women and no man would understate the pleasure of being gifted a brand new timekeeping companion.
It is of no surprise that history’s greatest men have held their watches very dear, attaching priceless emotional value to them and passing them on to their future generations as heirlooms.

Over several successful decades Rolex has established itself as the cornerstone of luxurious timekeeping clearly withstanding the test of changing fashion trends and time, undeniably retaining its position as the king of timekeeping since 1905. Rolex watches collection is known for the use of finest raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship, designed to absolute perfection. Gifting your man a Rolex is a great way to rekindle the sparks and remind your man what he means to you. Trusted and reliable Rolex Retailers such as Ethos Watch Boutiques offer a wide array of Rolex watches to help you find your man his ideal timekeeping match.
Here are 5 gifting options from Rolex that are guaranteed to find a permanent spot in your man’s heart:
1. The Perfect Dress Watch: Rolex Cellini Time



No wardrobe is complete without a decadent dress watch – simple, classic and truly evergreen. The Rolex Cellini Time is an amalgamation of these virtues and more. With a case made of 18ct white gold and set with diamonds, this masterpiece marks the epitome of luxurious timekeeping in the face of an ageless Rolex watch.

Featuring a black leather strap and 18ct gold buckle, the Rolex Cellini is known for its spotless craftsmanship and ability to shine in any given situation. It is a seamless blend of modern, cutting edge technology and traditional design that has successfully stood the test of time.
2. A companion for everyday: Rolex Oyster Perpetual


A Rolex watch is an investment in today just as it is in the future; the Oyster Perpetual is a solid case in point. Ideal for everyday use, this watch is meant for the contemporary man; keep him company from his morning 9 am meetings to dinner plans with the boys.

The gorgeous wristwatch is one that you couldn’t possibly get enough of wearing, destined to become a go-to accessory for everyday use. With its 904L Steel bracelet and dark rhodium dial, the timepiece is super comfortable to wear and easily legible, creating a unique blend of understated elegance and simplicity.
3. A spectacular calendar watch: Rolex Day-Date 40


By way of gifting your man a calendar watch, you remind him to make the best of everyday, no matter what comes down his alley. You remind him to value his time and channel his drive to achieve his goals, as opposed to focusing on the past. The Rolex Day Date series first showed face in 1956, becoming a popular favorite for generations to come. With a case and bracelet crafted in yellow gold, the awe-inspiring timepiece features an easily legible white dial.

True to its reputation of being the ultimate luxury machine, other glorious timepieces from the Day-Date 40 series are available only in 18ct gold and platinum. This special timekeeper by Rolex is one for the collector’s box, making its way directly to your man’s heart.


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