Top 5 Female Sports Celebrities in India

Humans have always been enthusiastically invested in all things sports. From the ancient Greek times, humans have held athletics and athletes in high esteem. However, over the years, especially in third world countries with lack of gender awareness, like India, sports has always been a field consumed by men from all walks of life. Cricket has been a man’s game and so have the rest of the games, with women’s football still awaiting to even get started in this part of the world. But, overcoming all these gender obstacles and trying their best to emerge victorious out of their struggles are some women who have broken the glass ceiling and created history by becoming celebrities in the male dominated world of sports. Challenging the ethos, springing over all hurdles, not taking criticism to heart and learning to love their identity as a woman, these sports stars have wreaked havoc on male domination over sports in India. 

So, scroll through this article to read up about the women who have made themselves and India proud by becoming celebrities in the arena of sports and reaching new heights in their respective games every time they come out to play on the field. They are not just amazing sports persons but also inspirations for the thousands of women in India who want to take up sports as a career but are too intimidated to do so. 

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The following is a carefully curated list of five women who have broken the glass ceiling and emerged as celebrities in the world of sports in India:

  • Saina Nehwal: One of the most promising young talents way back in 2012, Saina Nehwal shot to fame in 2019 with her claiming the bronze medal in badminton in the Olympics and reaching the fifth position in the World Badminton Players’ List. Today, she has made it to the list of the top three badminton players in the world;

  • MC Mary Kom: One of the most astounding women in the world of sports now, this woman has juggled it all, personal and professional to be named the “Million Rupee Baby” in India. Five time World Boxing Champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist, she won the first Olympic medal in women’s boxing for India;

  • PV Sindhu: Here we have another badminton player on this list. A young talent, she is steadily rising up the ranks of the sport to reach the top. With a stunning performance at the London Olympics, Sindhu entered the semifinals by defeating Olympic gold medalist Liu Xuerui. She also won the 2017 BWF World Championships and the 2017 Korean Open Super Series;

  • Bula Choudhury: A swimmer this time, this amazing athlete is the first woman to cross the seven seas and a recipient of the prestigious Arjuna Award and Padma Shri. Also having crossed the English Channel twice, she is now an MLA and plans to open a swimming academy; 

  • Mitali Raj: Who said only men can play cricket? This woman is an embodiment of how false the assumption really is. She is the captain of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team. Being a marvellous batter and the highest run scorer in international cricket, Raj has received the Arjuna Award and the Padma Shri.

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