How To Prepare For Relocation?



A common question is: “How many days to start preparing for the move?” The answer is simple: a month in advance is better, so you don’t forget anything! Postponing packing until the last minute risks being swamped with things, urgent matters, looking for movers, cars and many other worries.

A month before moving

So, let’s start without rushing about a month before your anticipated move date. What you need to do first:

  • Check the bills on the old flat, pay off all debts, cancel all contracts on it so that you are no longer required to pay for it.
  • Choose a moving company, pre-determining a suitable date for the move. During this period, you should look at the websites of carriers, compare prices, call and arrange the services, and it is desirable to conclude a contract in advance. It won’t be a bad idea to find local sports teams at this source, so you can spend your free time while the movers do the hard work.
  • Keep a notebook for the moving process, where you will record all matters, make plans and write down the packed items.
  • Sell furniture, things you don’t want to take with you. And it’s better not too overpriced, but even put lower prices to sell faster. Everything that the person can’t sell takes out the trash!
  • Look for free or buy boxes of all sizes. Go to supermarkets and hypermarkets, ask at kiosks and the market. Any package is worth gold when you are moving! But don’t get boxes that are too big. It will be difficult to move if you load it completely, and the bottom might fall through.
  • At the same time, without any fuss, we look through all belongings, equipment and determine what to take and what not to take. The moving person must audit everything without exception!

A week before moving

The heat is on, and you need to be as prepared as possible to make sure you don’t leave anything out.

  • Get out your boxes, sacks, markers and tape, and start packing. First, disassemble the things that are not in season, which are not currently in use. Sort thoroughly, throw out all unnecessary, outdated, broken items.
  • Pack the dishes from the kitchen, having previously purchased disposable plates, spoons, forks.
  • Check the internet connection in the new flat or go to the nearest provider to conclude a contract.
  • Wash your clothes before packing and dry them thoroughly. It is a good idea to have carpets and curtains cleaned so that everything will sparkle clean at your new place.
  • Also, don’t make any big purchases or bulk stocks of food at this time! It is better to postpone this and do your shopping when you are in your new home.

A day before moving

Now you know how to prepare for moving to another flat, but now comes the most responsible stage! In 24 hours:

  • It is advisable to send the grandparents, children, pets to the country house or for a short holiday.
  • Defrost and wash the fridge, and when it’s dry, fix the doors with tape and wrap it in cloth. It is a good idea to remove the shelves from the fridge.
  • Sort out the keys from your old and new flat, so you don’t forget them.
  • Prepare a backpack with the essential things: documents, money, personal cosmetic bag, change of clothes, medicines, notepad, phone. Also, remember to put toilet paper, towels and food for your pet in the backpack.
  • Prepare food for the day and pack it in containers and a cooler bag. Don’t forget tea/coffee/sugar sachets, baby food which should also be on hand. Keep a box of electric kettles nearby as well.
  • On the day of the move, meet the movers and calmly manage the process, or rather, watch and do not interfere because professionals know how to do everything quickly and clearly.

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